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Hey! I’m RichterSnipes, aka That One Jig. My interest in hacking goes as far as to try and improve as many classic games as possible. Rather than create entirely new experiences, I wish to polish already great games into even better forms. There’s something about my fondness of games that make me really appreciate the experiences that are already there.

Or, it could always just be that I lack creativity. Same thing, right? XD

All things considered, I would not say that I’m a great hacker. However, I’m still willing to try to contribute whatever I can to make the standouts of this hobby into the best things they can be.



3 Hacks
Pokémon RevelationGBAImprovement14 Oct 2023
Journey to Silius - Original SpritesNESImprovement22 Sep 2015
Pokémon ThrowbackGBAImprovement01 Oct 2021


5 Hacks
Pokémon RevelationHacking
Unofficial Pokémon ThrowbackOriginal HackingOriginal creator of hack
Pokemon Throwback: FR251 AddendumOriginal Hacking
Pokémon ThrowbackHacking
Sonic 3 CompleteHacking