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SGR is a fairly longtime scener, originally known as Sonicguy on SWS2B before its infamous member cleanout. He returned again on SWS2B as Sonicguyreturns. Unfortunately, he was put back in Trial Member status due to off-topic posts and general nonsense. After a while, he PA dodged and came back as “ShadowChaotix”, and was accepted into the SWS2B community once again. Later, he became known as “Sonicguyreturns”. He is also the younger brother of user Irondude. He posts every so often, and hangs out in #retro.

He has been known to be interested in hacking, and found some unused or hidden data in Gunstar Super/Future Heroes.




Sonic 2: Sweet ReliefHacking
Sonic Advance 3: Extreem ManseckzHacking