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7 Hacks
Rockman 4 BCAS (Burst Chaser X Air Sliding)NESComplete02 Aug 2014
Rockman 3 - ClawNESComplete06 Dec 2013
Rockman 3: Burst ChaserNESComplete08 Aug 2013
Rockman ClawNESComplete01 Dec 2012
Rockman 2 TPNESComplete09 Aug 2012
Rockman TPNESComplete09 Aug 2012
Rockman Claw 2NESComplete01 Dec 2011


8 Hacks
Rockman 3: Stalker AttackOriginal HackingHacker for patch base, Rockman 3 - Burst Chaser
Rockman 3 - Speed BoundOriginal Hacking
Rockman 4 BCAS (Burst Chaser X Air Sliding)Hacking
Rockman 3 - ClawHacking
Rockman 3: Burst ChaserHacking
Rockman ClawHacking
Rockman TPHacking
Rockman Claw 2Hacking