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1 Document
Mega Man III Hacking DocumentsNESGame Specific04 Mar 2016

1 Utility
Capcom Music EditorNESSound09 Nov 2016

3 Hacks
Rockman/Mega Man 2 - Slide and Charge ShotNESImprovement06 Jul 2022
Rockman 5 MMC5 MapperNESImprovement26 Aug 2012
Mega Man 3 ImprovementNESImprovement11 Jul 2023


6 Translations
Mega Man 3 (PT)Original HackingRockman 3 improvement hack
Mega Man 3 (FI)Original HackingOriginal rom hack, "Megaman 3 improvment"
Mega Man 3 (ES)Original Hacking
Mega Man 3 (PL)HackingMega Man 3 Improvement
Mega Man 3 (ES)Original Hacking
Mega Man 3 (ES)HackingMega Man 3 Improvement used as base

17 Hacks
MegankreuzstiletteMusicMusic and Megaman 3 Improvement
Mega Man 2 FamiMusic
Rockman 2: StalkerMaestro vs The RockmenOriginal HackingRockman 2 Slide and Charge Patch
Proto Man 4Hacking
Mega Man 2 RevampedHackingPause while weapons on screen; don't fall off ladders when pausing.
Mega Man 3 - JP-Style Title Screen for ImprovementOriginal HackingMega Man 3 Improvement's author
Mega Man 3 (JP-style Title Screen improved)Original WorkInitial improvement patch
Mega Man at the Tokyo OlympicsOriginal WorkMega Man 3 Improvement
Megaman 3 Japanese Style Title Screen Update v2.22Original Work
Mega Man 3 RevampedHacking