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55 Hacks
Mega Man 7 RestorationSNESImprovement09 Jul 2021
Fire Pro Wrestling RestorationGBAImprovement25 May 2021
Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden Enhanced ColorsGENImprovement25 Apr 2021
Duke's Theme RestoredSNESImprovement30 Mar 2021
Improvments for SFPWXPSNESImprovement29 Mar 2021
Japanese portrait restoration for HAL WrestlingGBImprovement28 Mar 2021
30 Lives Code for Operation CGBImprovement28 Mar 2021
Unaltered Thief Sprites for Bonk's RevengeGBImprovement28 Mar 2021
Gargoyle's Quest - Text RestorationGBImprovement28 Mar 2021
Kid Dracula Restoration (GB Edition)GBImprovement28 Mar 2021