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64 Hacks
Toukon Club - Color HackNESImprovement26 Aug 2023
Minor Color Fixes For SFPW3 - Final BoutSNESImprovement21 Aug 2023
The Original Macho Riki SpritesNESImprovement16 Jun 2023
Final Fight CD - Arcade ColorsSegaCDImprovement12 Sep 2023
Golden Axe - Arcade ColorsGENImprovement20 Oct 2022
Minor Sprite Fix For KrangGBImprovement27 Mar 2022
Thrasher's Original Name RestoredNESImprovement29 Jan 2022
Minor Color Fixes For SFPW3 - Easy TypeSNESImprovement14 Jan 2022
Minor Color Fixes For SFPW2SNESImprovement18 Jan 2022
Level Select EnabledGENImprovement03 Nov 2020