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1 Utility
Wario Land 3 Level EditorGBLevel Editors02 Oct 2012

8 Hacks
Pokemon Crystal - Time ChangerGBImprovement02 Dec 2013
Pokemon Silver - Time ChangerGBImprovement02 Dec 2013
Pokemon Gold: Time ChangerGBImprovement02 Dec 2013
Oracle of Ages GBC palettesGBImprovement03 May 2017
Oracle of Seasons GBC palettesGBImprovement03 May 2017
Shantae GBC palettesGBImprovement16 May 2021
Oracle of Ages VWF EditionGBImprovement13 Jul 2016
Pokemon Red Full Color HackGBImprovement25 Jul 2017


1 Translation
Shantae (FR)Original Hackingget the beautiful colors from Game Boy Color instead of the less suitable ones from Game Boy Advance

10 Hacks
Pokémon Ed. Roja/Azul Full Color - Spanish VersionHackingColorized everything else, bug fixing
Pokemon Red Full Color Hack - German VersionHackingColorized everything else
Pokemon Silver - Time ChangerHacking
Pokemon Gold: Time ChangerHacking
Oracle of Ages GBC palettesHacking
Oracle of Seasons GBC palettesHacking
Shantae GBC palettesHacking
Oracle of Ages VWF EditionHacking
Pokemon Pink VersionHackingFull Color Patch (for Version 2.1)
Pokemon Red Full Color HackHackingColorized everything else