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Trivia: This user’s avatar is of a character ‘Balok‘, acted by Clint Howard (Brother of director Ron Howard), in the Star Trek original series (’The Corbomite Manuever‘ episode.).

Slick Productions community (For old Squaresoft titles).

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1 Hack
Fancy WalkingSNESBug Fix21 Sep 2012


21 Hacks
Alphabetical LoreOriginal Hacking
Project III: Final Fantasy VIHackingThirty-nine bug fixes; Alphabetical Rage
Final Fantasy V TweaksHackingBugfixes.
Secret of Evermore 25th Anniversary Balance PatchOriginal WorkCertain patches used
Stuck in a Pose FixHackingOptimization
ReCast FF3: War of the MagitekHackingBugfixes (CV Collection and Sketch Bug)
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionOriginal HackingBug fixes, documentation
W-Item BugfixHacking
Lens CapProductionConsultant