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Specializing in ROM hacking and video game playthroughs.



28 Hacks
E1S 2023 SMB3 Hack #2NESComplete15 Oct 2023
E1S 2023 SMB3 HackNESComplete20 Jul 2023
SMA4 - e-Reader RampageGBAComplete27 May 2022
Super Mario Bros. 3 Fall Edition RevisionNESImprovement31 Jan 2022
Ms. Pac-Man - Return Of The StrangeNESComplete30 Jan 2022
Tetris Neon ColorsNESImprovement09 Oct 2021
E1S Bust A Move SNES HackSNESComplete04 Sep 2021
E1S Infinite SMB3 HackNESComplete07 Aug 2021
Ms. Pac Man 2NESComplete04 Apr 2021
Ms. Pac Man - 4th & Final StrangeNESComplete07 Mar 2021


25 Hacks
E1S 2023 SMB3 Hack #2HackingPrimary Hacking & Level Design
E1S 2023 SMB3 HackHackingPrimary Hacking & Level Design
SMA4 - e-Reader RampageHackingPrimary Hacking & Level Design
Super Mario Bros. 3 Fall Edition RevisionHackingTouching Up of Certain Level Area Palettes
Ms. Pac-Man - Return Of The StrangeOriginal HackingPrimary Hacking & Game Design
Tetris Neon ColorsDesignPrimary Hacking & Game Design
E1S Bust A Move SNES HackLevelsPrimary Hacking & Game Design
E1S Infinite SMB3 HackHackingPrimary Hacking & Game Design
Ms. Pac Man 2HackingPrimary Hacking & Game Design; Only Level mazes
Ms. Pac Man - 4th & Final StrangeHackingPrimary Hacking & Game Design