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    The reason for two files is that the games differ, not that they don't differ or that they are greatly similar.
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    Fixed a crash. Details in changelog.
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    Updated Discord link.
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    Wicked old version, 2.1 is the latest release but this is newer than that one. I reckon 2.x Git conveys it's a 2. something, rather than a 1.0 if unknown.

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The guy who formed Spinner 8 and friends.




Bishoujo Sexy Derby (EN)HackingHacking
Deep Dungeon IV: Kuro no Youjutsushi (EN)HackingHeader restoration
Die Hard (EN)HackingFull Hacking
Die Hard (ES)Original HackingFull Hacking
Die Hard (PT)Original HackingEnglish Translation
Dirty Pair: Project Eden (EN)Script Editing/RevisionText Dump
Dragon Warrior III (EN)HackingLimited menu hacking, font replacement
Famicom Wars (EN)HackingPatch fix for bad ROM dump
Gal's Dungeon: Yakyuuken Part II (EN)Hacking
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Douchuu (EN)HackingText hacking
Moero Yakyuuken (EN)Script Editing/Revision
Nazo no Murasame-jou (EN)HackingText hacking and translation
Penguin-kun Wars (EN)HackingUpdated compatibility with multiple emulators
Sanrio Cup: Pon Pon Volley (EN)GraphicsGraphic signposts & scoreboards
Sherlock Holmes: Hakushaku Reijou Yuukai Jiken (EN)Original Hacking
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti (EN)HackingText hacking & graphics replacement
Tales of Phantasia (EN)HackingUpdated compatibility with non-interleaved ROMs.
Transformer: Convoy no Nazo (EN)Hacking