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7 Hacks
Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.1 (Base Mod & Source)SNESImprovement29 Feb 2020
Mega Man X2 - Zero Project (Beta)SNESImprovement08 Feb 2020
Mega Man X1 - Air Dash/Wall Jump QoLSNESImprovement03 Mar 2019
Dhaos New Voice ActorGBAImprovement09 Sep 2014
Selectable EyedolSNESImprovement11 Jun 2013
Mega Man 7 - Boss Select Pre-TextSNESImprovement01 Sep 2012
Zero ProjectSNESImprovement31 Jan 2012


14 Hacks
Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.1 (Base Mod & Source)Hacking
Mega Man X2 - Zero Project (Beta)Original HackingAll hacking and ASM work
Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.0 (Translated to Brazilian Portuguese)Original Hacking
Final Fantasy IV Namingway EditionHackingBug Fixes
Secret of Mana: RelocalizedHackingCreated the spacing fix for Weapon/Magic Levels screen.
Megaman X: Capsule RemixHackingDiscovered the "Zero gives you his buster" assembly code
Mega Man X1 - Air Dash/Wall Jump QoLHacking
Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)Original WorkArtwork contribution
Castlevania DOS: Magic Seal Fix USHacking
Dhaos New Voice ActorHacking