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1 Document
Final Fantasy Adventure and Seiken Densetsu ROM hacking notesGBGame Specific20 Jul 2019

4 Translations
Mother 1+2 (EN)GBAFully Playable30 Apr 2011
Mother 3 (EN)GBAFully Playable05 Nov 2023
Famicom Detective Club Part II (EN)SNESFully Playable10 Oct 2004
Bahamut Lagoon (EN)SNESFully Playable16 Jun 2002

2 Hacks
Final Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX (English Translation)SNESComplete14 Nov 2021
Final Fantasy C2SNESComplete17 Jul 2020


46 Translations
Gimmick Land (EN)Original HackingProvided proof of concept for Tomato Adventure hack
Mother 3 (DE)Original TranslationOriginal translation & hacking
Tomato Adventure (EN)Original HackingProof of concept
Mother 3 (PL)Original TranslationHacking & Translation
Mother 3 (NL)Original TranslationOriginal Japanese to English translator
Mother 3 (EN)Original Work
Star Ocean (ES)Original TranslationEnglish translation (DeJap)
Little Master: Raikuban no Densetsu (EN)Translation
Armadillo (ES)Original TranslationSpot Translations
Wonder Project J: Kikai no Shonen Pino (ES)Original TranslationEnglish Translation

13 Hacks
EarthBound 2Original TranslationEnglish translation as base
Final Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX (English Translation)Translation
MOTHER 2: Perfect EditionOriginal TranslationOriginal translation work on the Legends of Localization site
MOTHER RestoredTranslationOriginal translation
The Legend of Zelda 2021Translation
Final Fantasy C2Translation
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionTranslationMajor unofficial translation source
Mother 3: Claus's JourneyOriginal TranslationEnglish translation as base
EarthBound Zero TweaksOriginal WorkAssistance with gameplay balance hack
The Legend of Zelda DX (Relocalized Version)Original WorkWork on "The Legend of Zelda - Relocalized" patch.