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I’m a long-time video game (and especially RPG) nut who has always had a love for figuring out the way certain things tick. I’ve been reworking games and writing code ever since I played Sword of Fargoal and Telengard for the Commodore-64 some 25 years ago. Now, I hack and mod my favorite console and PC games in my spare time, and my hacks have a strong emphasis on changing the rules of games in order to make them more fun and or interesting, or to add new degrees of complexity to think through as you develop your characters. In some cases, making a game more fun may mean actually increasing (not lowering) the difficulty.

My hacks may not be for everyone, but I hope you will find that they keep your favorite games interesting and fresh.



7 Hacks
Wizardry 1st Trilogy Rebalancing ModSNESImprovement18 May 2012
DQ5 DS: Monster Trainer v1.0NDSImprovement29 Feb 2012
Breath of Fresh Fire 2GBAImprovement29 Dec 2011
Ultima: A New ExodusNESImprovement17 Jan 2012
DoaE: Ludmeister's RemixNESImprovement03 Jun 2013
FF5a: Custom ClassesGBAImprovement11 Jan 2012
FF 1 and 2 DOS: Mod of BalanceGBAImprovement29 Aug 2012


13 Hacks
Final Fantasy V: Super Custom ClassesOriginal WorkOriginal FFV Advance Custom Classes mod
Critical Hit Rate FixHacking
Final Fantasy 1 Angel Ring as a DropHacking
Final Fantasy 1 DoS Solo AssistOriginal Hacking
Final Fantasy 1 DoS Cutscene RemovalOriginal HackingOriginal ROM mapping
Custom Classes Spellblade FixHackingMade the original project.
Wizardry 1st Trilogy Rebalancing ModHacking
DQ5 DS: Monster Trainer v1.0Hacking
Breath of Fresh Fire 2Hacking
Ultima: A New ExodusHacking