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    Added CRC and database info for the Genesis Mini dumped ROM of Super Fantasy Zone (English) translation.
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    Changed my name to my most recent handle. vivify93 is years outdated at this point.
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    Don't want this name associated with ROM hacking, but it was my discord name on the Pokémon mini server when USC made this, so I've changed it to the name I use here and added some context
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    Switching title screen to English original
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    Just to make it clear which patch does what.




Project page for his “font preview and editor utility for NFTR files” (Relevant for DS games’ files):



3 Utilities
Metal2TransNDSGame Specific15 Mar 2016
Metal3TransNDSGame Specific26 Apr 2015
TingleTransNDSScript Extraction / Insertion01 Jan 2014

1 Translation
Soma Bringer (EN)NDSFully Playable02 Feb 2009


12 Translations
Ore ga Omae o Mamoru (EN)Original HackingCreated MamoruTrans
SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny (EN)HackingLead Programmer
Rhythm Tengoku (EN)Translation
Kuroshitsuji: Phantom & Ghost (EN)Original HackingAuthor of ButlerTrans
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team (EN)Translation
Elysion (EN)TranslationSpot translation
Transformer: Convoy no Nazo (EN)Translation
Super Ultra Baseball 2 (EN)TranslationAdditional Translations
Rock'n' Ball (EN)Translation
Soma Bringer (EN)Hacking

2 Hacks
BS Zelda Map 2 RestorationHacking
BS Zelda: Map 1 RestorationHacking