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59 Translations
Family Trainer: Rai Rai Kyonshis - Baby Kyonshi no Amida Daibouken (EN)NESFully Playable14 Aug 2021
Mo Shou Shi Jie E Mo Lie Ren (EN)NESFully Playable04 Mar 2020
Underground Mission (EN)NESFully Playable21 Jan 2020
Pizza Pop! (EN)NESFully Playable02 Jun 2019
Tom & Jerry 3 (EN)NESFully Playable26 May 2019
Famicom Wars (EN)NESAddendum25 May 2019
Nantettatte!! Baseball (EN)NESFully Playable10 Apr 2019
Meng Jun Gan Si Dui (EN)NESFully Playable22 Feb 2017
Gu Mu Li Ying (EN)NESFully Playable07 Dec 2018
Huang Di: Zhuo Lu Zhi Zhan (EN)NESFully Playable16 Nov 2018

51 Hacks
ESPN College Football 2022NESComplete11 Sep 2022
Dragonball - Dragon's Mystery (Upgraded)NESComplete30 Aug 2020
All Elite Wrestling 2020NESComplete26 Apr 2020
Back to the Future (Music Fix)NESImprovement18 Apr 2020
Cobra KaiNESComplete25 Mar 2020
Ninja Gaiden - Dragon ScrollNESComplete15 Mar 2020
HalloweenNESComplete12 Apr 2020
The CrowNESComplete04 Mar 2020
SherlockNESComplete01 Mar 2020
Mr. Gimmick 2NESComplete01 Mar 2020