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Has a nickname of ’sleepy9090′ at a couple profiles, eg. NesDev forums.



Addams's Family Pugsley Scavenger Hunt Password GeneratorNESThe Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt
BomberMan II Password GeneratorNESBomberman II
DigDugNESTextEditorNESDig Dug
Dragon Warrior Equipment and Magic Data EditorNESDragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior Monster Stat EditorNESDragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior Monster Zone EditorNESDragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior Shop EditorNESDragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior Text EditorNESDragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior Town and Dungeon EditorNESDragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior Treasure Chest EditorNESDragon Warrior
Excitebike Text EditorNESExcitebike
Faxanadu Shop EditorNESFaxanadu
Game Boy ROM Analyzer / Header Editor / Checksum Fixer Incl SourceGBN/A
GameCube ISO AnalyzerGCN/A
Ice Climber Text EditorNESIce Climber
Mega Man 3 Text EditorNESMega Man 3
MegaMan II Password GeneratorNESMega Man 2
MegaMan Text EditorNESMega Man
Metroid Password GeneratorNESMetroid
NES Mapper Reader / Rom Fixer / Rom SplitterNESN/A
Nintendo Game Genie Encoder/DecoderNESN/A
Sega Genesis Mega Drive ROM Analyzer / Header Editor / Checksum Fixer + SourceGENN/A
SMB NES ROM Text EditorNESSuper Mario Bros.
Solar Jetman Password Generator + Src + DocsNESSolar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship
Sqoon NES Text EditorNESSqoon
Super Mario Brothers 2 Japan FDS Text EditorNESSuper Mario Bros. 2
The Guardian Legend Text EditorNESThe Guardian Legend
The Legend of Zelda Text EditorNESThe Legend of Zelda
VS. Excitebike Text EditorNESVs. Excitebike
Zelda II NES ROM Text EditorNESZelda II: The Adventure of Link
Zelda II Overworld Map Editor (Beta 1)NESZelda II: The Adventure of Link