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Sega CD ROM Hacking GuideSegaCDCheat Codes21 Nov 2022
Road Rash 2 ROM Hacking GuideGENGame Specific28 Feb 2007
How to Make Genesis Game Genie Codes With Gens TracerGENCheat Codes05 Jun 2007
How to Make NES Game Genie Codes With a DebuggerNESCheat Codes17 Oct 2003

36 Utilities
Breath of Fire 3 (PS1) ISO EditorPSXGame Specific26 Aug 2023
Breath of Fire ROM EditorGBAGame Specific22 Jun 2023
Shadowrun (SNES) ROM EditorSNESGame Specific31 Mar 2023
Genesis Game Genie Emulator ToolGENMiscellaneous23 Feb 2023
FFX Monster Editing ToolPS2Game Specific15 Jan 2023
FFX Boss EditorPS2Game Specific03 Jan 2023
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X ISO Editor (PS2/GC/DC)PS2Game Specific17 Dec 2022
Road Rash 2 ROM EditorGENGame Specific14 Nov 2022
Virtua Racing Deluxe ROM Editor32XGame Specific03 Sep 2022
Sonic Spinball ROM EditorGENGame Specific09 Jul 2022

1 Hack
Loony PoolNESImprovement15 Dec 1998


1 Translation
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (ES)Original HackingHorse level fix

9 Hacks
Rockman Mega World Fixer UpperOriginal HackingRegion-free enable coding (E), default weapon speed modifier
Small ZAMN 3HackingMade program used to edit stuff for the hack.
Phantasy Star III Double Walk SpeedHackingResearch
Pac-Man 2 - The Arcade GamesOriginal HackingTitle Screen Skip
Virtua Racing Deluxe Mirror ModeHacking
Eternal Champions - Special EditionHacking
Prince of Persia 2 - Horse Level FixedHacking
Loony PoolHacking
Double Dragon GENESIS - Arcade FixHacking