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Game Genie Code & Pro Action Replay code finder extraordinaire.

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How to Make Genesis Game Genie Codes With Gens TracerGENCheat Codes05 Jun 2007
Road Rash 2 ROM Hacking GuideGENGame Specific28 Feb 2007
How to Make NES Game Genie Codes With a DebuggerNESCheat Codes17 Oct 2003

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Genesis/MD/Sega CD/32x Region Bypass ToolMultiplePatching11 Jun 2022
ZAMN (Genesis) ROM EditorGENGame Specific24 May 2022
ZAMN ROM EditorSNESGame Specific24 May 2022
NES SNES Search/Patch ToolMultiplePatching01 May 2022
Sega CD Search/Patch ToolSegaCDPatching27 Apr 2022
GTA: San Andreas ROM/ISO EditorPS2Game Specific21 Mar 2022
Controller Button Cheat Search/Edit ToolMultipleSearching02 Feb 2022
ROM/ISO Table FinderMultipleSearching18 Oct 2021
Xenoblade Chronicles Shop EditorWIIGame Specific02 Oct 2021
Resident Evil 4 ISO Editor (PS2)PS2Game Specific30 Jul 2021

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Loony PoolNESImprovement15 Dec 1998