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Spanish fantranslator since 2007. Also a fan of adding voice acting on romhacks, as proven by the The World Ends With You, Time Crisis and Shenmue dub projects. He has also helped to update the Spanish GUI translation of the PS2 emulator software ‘PCSX2‘.

His GBATemp’s profile. GitHub profile.

Spanish translation project thread for Shenmue I-II and his Youtube channel (Going by the nickname: McCunyao).



2 Translations
Ready 2 Rumble: Boxing (ES)PSXFully Playable10 Mar 2007
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (ES)N64Fully Playable10 Mar 2007

2 Hacks
Echo Night Beyond English Translation FixesPS2Improvement01 Oct 2022
Improved Fonts and Graphics for Forbidden Siren 2PS2Improvement12 Oct 2021


39 Translations
Echo Night: Beyond (ES)TranslationTranslation lead, graphics editing, testing
Operation: Winback (ES)ProductionGraphics editing, translation, hacking
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix (ES)ProductionTranslation, graphics editing, research
Clock Tower (ES)TranslationMain translator and editor
Shadow Watch (ES)ProductionProject lead, UI and Contacts translation, graphic modifications, manual translation
Resident Evil: Survivor (ES)ProductionProject lead, translator, graphics editor, movie editor, format research
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (IT)Graphics
Policenauts (EN)ProductionGraphics porting and editing, testing
Soldier of Fortune (ES)TranslationText and graphics translation, Research
Clock Tower: The First Fear (ES)ProductionPRetranslation/Proofreading, Sound Editing, Graphics Editing

3 Hacks
Echo Night Beyond English Translation FixesProductionSpanish-English backport, additional translation, Spanish Project Lead
Improved Fonts and Graphics for Forbidden Siren 2HackingMain hacker/graphics editor
Incoming - Voice Language FixerHackingLBA search, testing