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Personal blog post’s example: Just Another Zelda 3 Hack.

Old profile (Last seen in 2010):


Some abandoned hacks by him:




1 Document
Zelda3 CompendiumSNESGame Specific24 Apr 2014

5 Hacks
The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the ProtoSNESComplete31 Dec 2020
Conker's High Rule TailSNESComplete24 Nov 2021
Zelda3 Parallel RemodelSNESComplete09 Aug 2012
Zelda3 Goddess of WisdomSNESComplete31 Jul 2011
Zelda3 Parallel WorldsSNESComplete27 Mar 2017


8 Hacks
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the IslandsHackingOriginal Hacking
The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the ProtoHackingPrimary hacking
Minish Cap ZeldaGraphicsAdditional graphics edit
The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of WisdomOriginal HackingMain overworld designer
Conker's High Rule TailHackingLead Hacker, Overworlds, Dungeons Main Designer, Graphics, Storyline
Zelda3 Parallel RemodelOriginal HackingOverworld design, GFX editing
Zelda3 Goddess of WisdomOriginal HackingOverworld design, GFX editing
Zelda3 Parallel WorldsOriginal HackingOverworld design, GFX editing