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DreamToolNESLevel Editors27 Feb 2011
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14 Hacks
Rockman 2020 New Year's HackN/AComplete01 Jan 2020
Rockman 2019 New Year's HackNESComplete01 Jan 2019
Rockman 2018 New Year's HackN/AComplete01 Jan 2018
Rockman: Spirit of HackersNESComplete16 Dec 2017
Rockman X - 2017 New Year's HackSNESComplete01 Jan 2017
Rockman & Forte - Multiple EquipmentSNESImprovement24 Dec 2016
Rockman & Forte - Player SwitchingSNESImprovement24 Dec 2016
Rockman X - 2016 New Year's HackSNESComplete01 Jan 2016
Rockman 2015 New Year's HackNESComplete01 Jan 2015
Rockman 4: Minus InfinityNESComplete06 Dec 2014