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2 Utilities
Deep DungeonNESGame Specific30 Jan 2021
FF4ksterSNESGame Specific27 Dec 2012

3 Hacks
Unprecedented CrisisSNESComplete24 Jan 2020
Final Fantasy Negative OneNESComplete01 Jul 2015
Protect/Shell Routine ModSNESImprovement31 Dec 2008


7 Hacks
Final Fantasy IV - UltimaHackingFF4kster
Final Fantasy IV: Born of a DragonHackingFF4kster Hacking
Project II: Final Fantasy IVHackingBug fixes to patch
SNES Final Fantasy IV: Event Instruction Skip HackDesignAdded Functionality into FF4kster
Unprecedented CrisisHacking
Final Fantasy Negative OneGraphics
Protect/Shell Routine ModHacking