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I like to hack some of the lesser-known Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. I primarily hack the games in the Telefang series (mostly the first one), as well as all three Donkey Kong Land games (mostly DKL3). However, I may hack more Game Boy games in the future.

His username & associated avatar is based on a Pokken Tournament fighter Blaziken #257.

He has contributed several commits, especially on the Donkey Kong handheld games at TCRF. He has uploaded many Let’s Play videos of Donkey Kong, Wario Land and Telefang on handheld devices at Youtube. DeviantArt, Glitch City Laboratories Forums (For Pokemon games), Twitch.



2 Translations
Donkey Kong Land III (ES)GBFully Playable21 Nov 2012
Donkey Kong Land III (EN)GBFully Playable13 Oct 2022

6 Hacks
Virtual Console Safety FeatureGBImprovement03 Mar 2015
Keep Banana CoinsGBImprovement25 Oct 2015
Keep Bear CoinsGBBug Fix25 Oct 2015
Unused Music HackGBImprovement14 Jul 2012
Kiddy Bonus COLOR FixSNESBug Fix01 Jan 2017
Donkey Kong GB - Color Palette HackGBImprovement04 Nov 2008


2 Translations
Donkey Kong Land III (ES)Hacking
Donkey Kong Land III (EN)HackingTranslation

7 Hacks
Mole Mania - sgb2 music tempo fixOriginal Hackingdatacrystal notes
Donkey Kong Land 2: Game Boy Color EditionOriginal HackingMusic patch prepacked in
Virtual Console Safety FeatureHacking
Keep Banana CoinsHacking
Keep Bear CoinsHacking
Unused Music HackHacking
Donkey Kong GB - Color Palette HackHacking