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Swampert Tools



Programmer of tools for hacking the Pokémon series of games, primarily those of the first two generations.



13 Utilities
TitlePokéEdit RBGBGame Specific22 Apr 2013
Challenge!GBGame Specific20 Nov 2011
Pokémon Red/Blue Trainer EditorGBGame Specific12 Nov 2011
TradeEdit GBGBGame Specific12 Nov 2011
MartEdit GBGBGame Specific12 Nov 2011
PrizeEdit GBGBGame Specific12 Nov 2011
GymEdit GBGBGame Specific08 Sep 2009
Denjuu Editor SPGBGame Specific01 Mar 2009
TMMaster GSCGBGame Specific23 Jan 2009
MartEd GSCGBGame Specific15 Jan 2009

1 Hack
Pokémon - Swampert EditionGBImprovement20 Nov 2011