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Just a guy who translates games in his spare time with over 80 released translations. All genres, all qualities and many different platforms.

Crowning achievements include a translations for the original Digital Devil Story - Megami Tensei, Ganbare Goemon 2, Metal Slader and way too many more to count.



102 Translations
Psycho Dream (EN)SNESFully Playable13 Sep 2023
Chou Aniki: Bakuretsu Rantou Hen (EN)SNESFully Playable27 Sep 2023
Ecsaform (EN)PSXFully Playable22 Jun 2023
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (EN)SATFully Playable28 Feb 2023
Famicom Wars (EN)NESFully Playable04 Mar 2023
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (EN)TG16Fully Playable24 Dec 2022
PoPoLoCrois Monogatari (EN)PSXFully Playable20 Nov 2022
TM Network - Live in Power Bowl (EN)NESFully Playable19 Jun 2022
Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken (EN)NESFully Playable24 May 2022
8 Eyes (EN)NESFully Playable30 Apr 2022

1 Hack
Cross Fire De-Engrish HackNESBug Fix21 May 2009