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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
FFX Boss EditorTony HedstromThis editor lets you adjust lots of boss stuff in Final Fantasy X, and you can then patch those chan….Game SpecificPS2Final Fantasy XWin0.903 Jan 2023
Digimon World 2 Digivolution Visualizeracemon33DW2 Digivolution Visualizer A tool primarily to visualize & modify Digimon evolutions for PSX….Game SpecificPSXDigimon World 2Win0.231 Dec 2022
ZELDA: Four Swords Script Editor (ZFSEditor)JoapeerZFSEditor is a script editor for the game “The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past & Four ….Game SpecificGBAThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four SwordsJava1.130 Dec 2022
ZELDA: The Minish Cap Script Editor (ZMCSEditor)JoapeerZMCSEditor is a script editor for the game “The Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap” for Gameboy ….Game SpecificGBAThe Legend of Zelda: The Minish CapJava0.230 Dec 2022
NESRevPlusMorgan JohanssonAn intelligent disassembler, originally written by Kent Hansen but ported to native Windows by Morga….Assembly ToolsNESN/AWin0.4b29 Dec 2022
SMW Enemy Name EditorColmines92Tool to edit the enemy names shown during the end credits.
  • Works both with headered/unheadered ro….
Script Extraction / InsertionSNESSuper Mario WorldWin1.028 Dec 2022
Digimon World 2 Randomizeracemon33Digimon World 2 Randomizer PSX Digimon World 2 App to randomize overworld Models, Techs, Digimons….Game SpecificPSXDigimon World 2Win0.8.424 Dec 2022
The Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code InjectortriclonThe Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code Injector by Triclon (New in v3.3! Added compatibility with Shado….MiscellaneousN64N/AIndep3.317 Dec 2022
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X ISO Editor (PS2/GC/DC)Tony HedstromThis editor works on 3 different platforms (PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Dreamcast) and at least 7 d….Game SpecificPS2Resident Evil Code: Veronica XWin1.017 Dec 2022
Temporal Flux 3.04 R1ReldTemporal Flux is a Chrono Trigger game editor allowing you to modify maps, music, events, text and m….Game SpecificSNESChrono TriggerWin3.04 R115 Dec 2022
Apply PPF (Windows)Mr2The program install the PPF patches. During the installation, progress is displayed. The ApplyPPF….PatchingPSXN/AWin3.101 Dec 2022
Apply PPF (Unix)Mr2The program install the PPF patches. During the installation, progress is displayed. The ApplyP….PatchingPSXN/AUnix3.101 Dec 2022
Jade Cocoon 2 Unpacker RepackerMeosFiles Unpacker / Repacker for the PlayStation 2 game Jade Cocoon 2 How to Use:
  • Using the exec….
Game SpecificPS2Jade Cocoon 2Win1.225 Nov 2022
Jade Cocoon Unpacker RepackerMeosFiles Unpacker / Repacker for the PlayStation 1 game Jade Cocoon Story of the Tamamayu. How to Us….Game SpecificPSXJade CocoonWin1.225 Nov 2022
Cmos 6502IondogatusCmos6502.xls it is (in general) Slow Disassembler with fully open source, support alternative Intel ….Assembly ToolsNESN/AWin1.0019 Nov 2022
Road Rash 2 ROM EditorTony HedstromA ROM editor for Road Rash 2 (Genesis/MD) that lets you make lots of changes to the game, and will p….Game SpecificGENRoad Rash IIWin1.214 Nov 2022
PsxVram-DotNetGrieverViewer for displaying PSX VRAM dumps. Features
  • Main PSX emulators savestates support (eP….
Graphics ViewersPSXN/AWin0.413 Nov 2022
asm2fbpokeemersonThis program will compile an NES assembly file written in asm6 and generate Family Basic listing whi….Assembly ToolsNESFamily Basic V3Win1.013 Nov 2022
tp2wavemersonThis program converts data recorder files generated by Nestopia from raw PCM data to the WAVE file f….SoundNESN/AWin1.013 Nov 2022
Rom Patcher JSmarc_maxA ROM patcher made in vanilla JavaScript. Supported formats:
  • IPS
  • UPS
  • APS
  • BPS
  • RUP
PatchingN/AN/AIndep2.610 Nov 2022
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