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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
PCAEJohn DulleaThe PC Atari Emulator, or PCAE, is a 32-bit Microsoft Windows program designed to emulate the famous….Debuggers / Special Emulators2600N/AWin2.627 Feb 2007
batari Basic (Mac OS)Fred QuimbyTo install, download the DOS/Windows version of batari Basic and copy these files to the folder wher….Assembly Tools2600N/AMac OS1.014 Feb 2007
Hack-O-Matic IIIJeff WiererHack-O-Matic III (referred as HOM3 from now on) is a program you can use to edit the graphics in Ata….Graphics Editors2600N/AWin3.0.3.205 Sep 2006
Freeway RandomizerSteve EnglehardtCreates Freeway source code that randomly changes the traffic patterns of the cars, the number of ca….Game Specific2600FreewayWin1.021 Mar 2006
No$2K6 DebuggerMartin KorthThis is a debugger emulator for the Atari 2600. Once you get used to the debugger, it’s easy to….Debuggers / Special Emulators2600N/AWin1.024 Jul 2005
VaderMaticGreg ZumwaltDOS Space Invaders batch hacking tool (by G. Zumwalt). Submitter’s Note: The ROMs have been ….Game Specific2600Space InvadersWin1.015 Mar 2005
Bit HackerEdwin BlinkI wrote this windows utility to view and hack graphics in Atari VCS2600 Roms. But it can be used on ….Graphics Editors2600N/AWin1.0419 Sep 2004
TIA Playfield PainterChristian BogeyI wrote this utility to draw Playfields for the Atari VCS 2600 and to save pictures as data code rea….Miscellaneous Graphics Tools2600N/ADOS1.0305 May 2004
Create Your Own AdventureSteve EnglehardtCreate your own custom map screens and sprites for the classic Atari 2600 game “Adventure”….Game Specific2600AdventureWin1.021 Apr 2004
INDY 500 XE Track EditorGustavo del DagoIndy 500 XE Track Editor is a tool for creating new tracks for an extended version of the clasic gam….Game Specific2600Indy 500Win2.101 Mar 2004
bB EditorSteve EnglehardtbBEditor is a freeware Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed for batari Basic. This so….Assembly Tools2600N/AWin1.2.026 Feb 2004
Stella-GraphChristopher James PepinStella-Graph is a program that will help you to create playfield graphics for the Atari 2600. Just ….Miscellaneous Graphics Tools2600N/AWin1.313 Apr 2003
Atari 2600 Music KitPaul SlocumThe Atari 2600 Music Kit allows you to write music for the Atari 2600. It’s a 2600 music drive….Sound2600N/AWin2.20.0320 Feb 2003
MakewavBob ColbertMakewav converts ROM images for the Atari 2600 into .wav files that can be transfered into a Cuttle ….Miscellaneous2600N/ADOS4.226 Feb 2002
PCX2GRPEckhard StolbergPCX2GRP is a simple program that I use for creating the data for the player graphics in my Atari VCS….Miscellaneous Graphics Tools2600N/ADOS1.024 Jul 2000
DiStellaBob ColbertDistella is a disassembler specifically for the Atari 2600. It creates source code that is usually ….Assembly Tools2600N/ADOS2.1025 Feb 1997
Tune 2600Thomas JentzschThis is a program to test various distortions and frequencies to help in designing a sound driver or….Sound2600N/ADOS0.501 Jan 1970
batari BasicFred Quimbybatari Basic (bB) is a BASIC-like language for creating Atari 2600 games. It is a compiled language….Assembly Tools2600N/ADOS1.001 Jan 1970
Edit/Show GFXBob ColbertThese programs allow you to extract graphics from Atari 2600 binary files into a text file, then tur….Miscellaneous Graphics Tools2600N/ADOS1.001 Jan 1970
Atari Hacking for DummiesMarco LazzeriAtari Hacking for Dummies Tool, with AHD Files. This game can hack any Atari 2600 game that it’….Graphics Editors2600N/ADOS0.101 Jan 1970
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