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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
The Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code InjectortriclonThe Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code Injector by Triclon v4.1 is a critical fix for v4.0. If you prev….MiscellaneousN64N/AIndep4.122 Oct 2023
Zelda 64 Text EditorskawoA Zelda 64 Text Editor Features:
  • A message previewer
  • Support for custom fonts
  • Support ….
Script Extraction / InsertionN64The Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskWin3.1230 Sep 2023
Diskify Your MindZoinkityDiskify Your Mind: build a 64DD softpatch disk from an “AI Shogi 3″ ROM. AI Shogi 3 i….Game SpecificN64AI Shogi 3Win1.009 Sep 2023
Getter Love LZSSVadimThis is a toolkit for compression/decompression of LZSS files of Getter Love!!! Panda Love Unit for ….Compression / DecompressionN64Getter Love!! Panda Love UnitWin1.029 Jun 2023
Mario Party ToolsPacoChanIt is a simple program that allow you to perform several actions to edit Mario Party data with the h….Compression / DecompressionN64Mario PartyIndep1.1.104 Jun 2023
Q-VertZoinkityQ-Vert: convert GoldenEye to run on both iQue and N64 consoles [i]Requires x64 Windows or ….Game SpecificN64GoldenEye 007Win1.114 May 2023
Ocarina of Time NPC MakerskawoCreate new NPCs from scratch using drop-down menus and a scripting language. Supports all the act….Assembly ToolsN64The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeWin2.1423 Jul 2022
TKMK00 to MIO0SeohaineA tool that takes all TKMK00 compressed assets and converts them to MIO0, and expands the MIO0 RAM b….Miscellaneous Graphics ToolsN64Mario Kart 64Win1.001 Sep 2021
Duke Nukem 64 EditorTony HedstromThis is an editor that lets you customize many parts of Duke Nukem 64, and will patch your changes i….Game SpecificN64Duke Nukem 64Win0.816 May 2021
Road Rash 64 EditorTony HedstromThis editor lets you customize many parts of your Road Rash 64 game, and will patch the changes to y….Game SpecificN64Road Rash 64Win0.8a10 May 2021
Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 DLC UploaderZoinkityJapan Pro Golf Tour 64 had one amazing, undocumented feature: DLC. Originally, users would go to ….PatchingN64Japan Pro Golf Tour 64Indep1.029 Mar 2021
Pokemon Stadium 2 RandomizerRainbowSprinklezPokemon-Stadium-2-Randomizer A randomizer for gym leader castle, as well as all rental Pokemon. Com….MiscellaneousN64Pokémon Stadium 2Win0.03103 Mar 2021
Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 Results Password DecoderZoinkityAt the end of a network tournament in “Japan Pro Golf Tour 64″ you’ll be asked to sav….Game SpecificN64Japan Pro Golf Tour 64Win1.019 Jan 2021
Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 Network Tournament Password GeneratorZoinkityThis program generates one of the two password types used by the 64DD title “Japan Pro Golf Tou….Game SpecificN64Japan Pro Golf Tour 64Win1.012 Jan 2021
Mystical Ninja Decompressor PlusJersinA decompression tool for Mystical Ninja starring Goemon. I took JaytheHam’s decompression tool ….Compression / DecompressionN64Mystical Ninja Starring GoemonWin1.124 Nov 2020
Pitstop64mib-f8sm9cA tool for editing data in Mario Kart 64.Graphics EditorsN64Mario Kart 64Win0.0.5.322 Feb 2020
SM64 Rom ManagerPilzinsel64All-in-one Mario 64 romhacking tool, features level editing, music editing, text editing, many pre-m….Game SpecificN64Super Mario 64Win1.7.1022 Jan 2020
Goldeneye Setup EditorSubDragA comprehensive and exhaustive editor for Goldeneye 007 for N64. Support also has been added for Per….Game SpecificN64GoldenEye 007Win4.019 Oct 2018
N64 Custom Robo File InjectorZoinkityA file importer and extractor for the two N64 Custom Robo titles. Allows injection and extraction o….Data Extraction / InsertionN64Multiple GamesIndep1.018 Dec 2017
N64 SharkRobiNERDThis tool edits GameShark codes and convert them to ASM. You can patch them to the ROM after creatin….MiscellaneousN64N/AWin0.2b29 Sep 2017
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