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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
Cheat PatcherMr2“Cheat patcher” - just program name. It’s not only cheat utility. Program writes any data to t….PatchingN/AN/AWin1.420 Nov 2023
Console compromiseMr2Universal graphical interface for console programs. This tool is useful for beginner software dev….MiscellaneousN/AN/AWin0.630 Oct 2023
Xdelta - LUIem-s-hXdelta - Linux User Interface A Graphical User Interface for patching ROMs/creating patches wit….PatchingN/AN/AUnix1.1.224 Oct 2023
AFS PackerPacoChanAFS Packer can extract the files inside an AFS archive to a folder, or generate a new AFS archive fr….Data Extraction / InsertionN/AN/AWin2.1.211 Sep 2023
Python source code of LZSS encoder/decoderDanijelkA Python source code for the compression and decompression of LZSS files. Since LZSS is used in d….Compression / DecompressionN/AN/AIndep1.003 Jul 2023
NUPSNintenlordUPS patcher for .NET or Mono. Can create patches, patch files and get the offsets changed by the pat….PatchingN/AN/AIndep1.423 Jan 2023
Rom Patcher JSmarc_maxA ROM patcher made in vanilla JavaScript. Supported formats:
  • IPS
  • UPS
  • APS
  • BPS
  • RUP
PatchingN/AN/AIndep2.610 Nov 2022
UpdateTapChecksumsGreekRomsUpdateTapChecksums.exe is a tool that recalculates and automatically updates the checksum bytes of t….MiscellaneousN/AN/AWin1.006 Nov 2022
Delta PatcherSadNES cITy TranslationsDelta Patcher is a GUI software that is able to create and apply xdelta patches as the ones supporte….PatchingN/AN/AWin3.0.110 Sep 2022
Chief-Net IPSGuyver (X.B.M.)A simple selective patcher. It can apply sections of an IPS patch to a file without applying the ent….PatchingN/AN/AWin2.211 Apr 2022
Lunar CompressFuSoYa’s NicheLunar Compress is a decompression and recompression DLL written in C for a few compression formats t….Assembly ToolsN/AN/AWin1.9025 Dec 2021
Ips2Exe LiteGuyver (X.B.M.)Ips2Exe Lite is a program which can convert an .IPS file into an executable package. The package in ….PatchingN/AN/AWin1.1.019 Oct 2021
MultiPatchSappharadMultiPatch is an all-in-one file patching solution. With this one program, you can apply BPS, IPS, U….PatchingN/AN/AMac OS X2.003 Sep 2021
Text Pattern FinderChesokuThis tool is a text finder that uses a pattern to find characters instead of relying on any encoding….Table GeneratorsN/AN/AJava0.929 Aug 2021
RainbowPhOeNiXRainbow is a tool, written in C#, intended to handle different graphics formats from video games ass….Graphics ViewersN/AN/AWin1.2.2-807 Apr 2021
abcdeabwabcde is a script extraction/insertion utility that aims to take as many of the things that are good….Script Extraction / InsertionN/AN/AIndep0.0.927 Aug 2020
Game Genie Good GuyDaniele Mte90 ScasciafratteGame Genie Good Guy is based on Game Genie Guy ([url=]http….PatchingN/AN/AUnix1.0.013 Jan 2020
beatNearbeat is the canonical tool for working with beat-protocol files. BPS Is meant as a successor to t….PatchingN/AN/AWin2019 v113 Sep 2019
ALX - Skies of Arcadia Legends ExaminerTaikocuyaALX is a very simple, fast, cross-platform and object-oriented command line tool to extract the game….Data Extraction / InsertionN/AMultiple GamesIndep4.0.009 Jul 2019
IPS Header ChangermillanzarretaIPS Header Changer allows you to easily add/remove a header from an unheared/heared IPS patch….PatchingN/AN/AIndep0.126 Apr 2019
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