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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
PCSX 1.6 with Code MarkerMr2An indispensable tool for modders, and researchers of hidden fitches. Code marker is best used to….Debuggers / Special EmulatorsPSXN/AWin0.325 Feb 2023
NESRevPlusMorgan JohanssonAn intelligent disassembler, originally written by Kent Hansen but ported to native Windows by Morga….Assembly ToolsNESN/AWin0.4b29 Dec 2022
PCSX with DebuggerzHAOsILiA debugger written on top of the PCSX source code. Allows read/write breakpoint setting for register….Debuggers / Special EmulatorsPSXN/AWin1.6ver723 Oct 2022
Image - SNES+RainbowSprinklezBasically, this takes any properly sized image (256 or less pixels wide and tall), and creates all t….Graphics EditorsSNESN/AWin0.02514 Aug 2022
Ocarina of Time NPC MakerskawoCreate new NPCs from scratch using drop-down menus and a scripting language. Supports all the act….Assembly ToolsN64The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeWin2.1423 Jul 2022
RhombusJamalRhombus 68000 Assembly ROM editor alpha version 0.1 OVERVIEW This program will read a….Assembly ToolsGENN/AJava0.117 Jul 2022
SRWJ EditorHaruThis is an old, very outdated editor created by Japanese hobby-software-dev Haru. Its intended pu….Game SpecificGBASuper Robot Taisen JWin0.0.820 Mar 2022
FFA ExpanderxenophileThis changes the mapper and expands the rom for Final Fantasy Adventure, Seiken Densetus, or Mystic ….Game SpecificGBFinal Fantasy AdventureIndep1.008 Jan 2022
Lunar CompressFuSoYa’s NicheLunar Compress is a decompression and recompression DLL written in C for a few compression formats t….Assembly ToolsN/AN/AWin1.9025 Dec 2021
FDS Builder: C# EditionFCandChillThis program is an open source option / replacement to “[url=….MiscellaneousFDSN/AWin194928122 Dec 2021
Super Monkey Ball Jr. Unpackerfex34Super Monkey Ball Jr. stores much of its data in a custom filesystem inside the rom. This tool can ….Data Extraction / InsertionGBASuper Monkey Ball Jr.Win1.001 Oct 2021
LazyShell: Updated EditionYakibombYakibomb’s “LazyShell: Updated Edition” is just that: An updated version of the origi….Game SpecificSNESSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsWin1.3.120 Sep 2021
TKMK00 to MIO0SeohaineA tool that takes all TKMK00 compressed assets and converts them to MIO0, and expands the MIO0 RAM b….Miscellaneous Graphics ToolsN64Mario Kart 64Win1.001 Sep 2021
Text Pattern FinderChesokuThis tool is a text finder that uses a pattern to find characters instead of relying on any encoding….Table GeneratorsN/AN/AJava0.929 Aug 2021
Megadrive MegapackLab 313Megadrive MEGAPACK source code. Original 68k compression algo by Jon Menzies. Information ….Compression / DecompressionGENN/AWin1.227 Jul 2021
SMD Ida Tools v2Lab 313This is a project about writing useful tools and plugins for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis romhackers. T….Debuggers / Special EmulatorsGENN/AWin2.122 Jun 2021
FIVECRyo-Cokey's Hentai Game TranslationsFIVEC is a multi-use tool for converting floppy images, extracting files from them, and viewing the ….Data Extraction / InsertionPC98N/AWin1.125 May 2021
Texture CalculatoraybeThis is a tool to help reverse-engineer 3D graphics for one of your favorite PSX game :) Say you ….Miscellaneous Graphics ToolsPSXN/AIndep1.005 May 2021
SH2I - Super Hitachi 2 Inspectorpaul_metThis program allows you to convert the machine code of the processor “SH-2″ (Super Hitachi….Assembly ToolsSATN/AWin1.422 Apr 2021
SnesidaLab 313Snesida - is a debugger plugin for IDA that allows you to debug SNES roms. Based on BSNES-PLUS emula….Debuggers / Special EmulatorsSNESN/AWin1.015 Apr 2021
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