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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
Sable Text InserterRobertTheSableA text parser/inserter targeting Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo, featuring:
  • UTF-8 support.
  • Code ….
Script Extraction / InsertionSNESN/AWin1.4.120 Sep 2023
Table HelperfillerThis is a PHP script used to speed up table file creation. It makes properly dumping diacritics easi….Table GeneratorsMultipleN/AIndep1.018 Sep 2023
AFS PackerPacoChanAFS Packer can extract the files inside an AFS archive to a folder, or generate a new AFS archive fr….Data Extraction / InsertionN/AN/AWin2.1.211 Sep 2023
Fossil Fighters Graphics EditorOEAThis nifty utility allows for breaking down all the graphics-storing archives of Fossil Fighters (an….Miscellaneous Graphics ToolsNDSFossil FightersWin1.202 Sep 2023
TeheMan X4 EditorPogChampGuy AKA KuumbaLevel Editor for the PS1 Version of Mega Man X4 which comes packed with additional Tools to help wit….Level EditorsPSXMega Man X4Win1.328 Aug 2023
A New Journey Randomizer ToolPoggieBThis tool randomizes the parts you obtain from battles in “A New Journey” mode, and random….Game SpecificGCCustom RoboWin1.011 Aug 2023
crudNEShitchhikrcrudNES is a Nintendo Entertaining System console emulator made for reverse engineering purposes. It….Debuggers / Special EmulatorsNESN/AWin1.009 Aug 2023
TeheMan 8 EditorPogChampGuy AKA KuumbaLevel Editor for the PS1 Version of MegaMan 8 which comes packed with additional Tools to help with ….Level EditorsPSXMega Man 8Win1.2.116 Jul 2023
Python source code of LZSS encoder/decoderDanijelkA Python source code for the compression and decompression of LZSS files. Since LZSS is used in d….Compression / DecompressionN/AN/AIndep1.003 Jul 2023
Editor of Swingfex34A DK: King of Swing romhacking tool featuring a level editor, sprite editor, time attack editor and ….Level EditorsGBADK: King Of SwingWin1.101 Jul 2023
Getter Love LZSSVadimThis is a toolkit for compression/decompression of LZSS files of Getter Love!!! Panda Love Unit for ….Compression / DecompressionN64Getter Love!! Panda Love UnitWin1.029 Jun 2023
Zelda 64 Text EditorskawoA Zelda 64 Text Editor Features:
  • A message previewer
  • Support for custom fonts
  • Support ….
Script Extraction / InsertionN64The Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskWin3.1127 Jun 2023
[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEdALXRThis is a powerful level editor for NES Super Mario Bros. It allows to create new areas, add, delete….Level EditorsNESSuper Mario Bros.Win1.5.2a16 Jun 2023
Mario Party ToolsPacoChanIt is a simple program that allow you to perform several actions to edit Mario Party data with the h….Compression / DecompressionN64Mario PartyIndep1.1.104 Jun 2023
FF8 Compression kitArmagon3650Python3 data decompression/recompression for FF8: PS1, NTSC-U SLUS-00892 It expects a single blo….Game SpecificPSXFinal Fantasy VIIIWin1.030 May 2023
Crystal TrackerDanny-E 33A Pokemon GSC Song Editor. See README on GitHub for complete description.SoundGBPokémon: Crystal VersionWin0.3.028 May 2023
PSIG - PlayStation instructions generatorMr2PSIG - PlayStation instructions generator.(MIPS R3000A) The program generates machine instruction….Assembly ToolsPSXN/AWin2.223 May 2023
Faxanadu RandomizerNotlobFaxanadu randomizer Randomizes things like enemies and items for the NES game ‘Faxanadu'….Game SpecificNESFaxanaduWin0.2713 May 2023
DKC1 Standalone GFX EditorRainbowSprinklezThis program is heavily influenced by Quaraage’s work on dkc2. This pretty much copied these tw….Graphics EditorsSNESDonkey Kong CountryWin0.08016 Apr 2023
LAMPContendoLevel Arranging Metroid (2) Program - LAMP LAMP is a feature rich Metroid II: Return of Samus edi….Level EditorsGBMetroid II: Return of SamusWinb3.031 Mar 2023
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