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    Fixing screenshots
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    Language Chinese, since Tank Duel 2 is in Chinese, and the Bubble Bobble - The New Quest title screen has a Baidu link, which is a Chinese site.
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    A grammar mistake present in an included screenshot was pointed out to me, an instance of text being incorrectly displayed was fixed and the text 'Return to Game,' which was previously untranslated on the save screen was changed.
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Ultima: Exodus EditorFox CunningA complete “Hacking Tool” for the NES version of Ultima: Exodus. Works both on the Remastered hack and the original US version. Includes a map editor, text editor, sound effect and music editor, player class/race editor, item editor, ma….Game SpecificNESUltima: ExodusIndep0.4 Beta08 Mar 2021