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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
Digimon World 3 Randomizermarkisha64The Digimon World 3 Randomizer is a tool that allows players to experience Digimon World 3 in a whol….Game SpecificPSXDigimon World 3Win1.727 Sep 2023
Diskify Your MindZoinkityDiskify Your Mind: build a 64DD softpatch disk from an “AI Shogi 3″ ROM. AI Shogi 3 i….Game SpecificN64AI Shogi 3Win1.009 Sep 2023
Phoenix Wright 2 Onifier0xTerrImproves a Phoenix Wright 2 ROM by copying the better music from a Phoenix Wright 1 ROM. Take that! ….Game SpecificNDSPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for AllWin0.102 Sep 2023
Fossil Fighters RandomizerOEAThis tool allows for the randomization of digsite vivosaurs and your starter. It has code for random….Game SpecificNDSFossil FightersWin1.002 Sep 2023
Breath of Fire 3 (PS1) ISO EditorTony HedstromBreath of Fire 3 (PS1) editor that lets you edit lots of stuff in the game, and you can patch those ….Game SpecificPSXBreath of Fire IIIWin1.8a26 Aug 2023
A New Journey Randomizer ToolPoggieBThis tool randomizes the parts you obtain from battles in “A New Journey” mode, and random….Game SpecificGCCustom RoboWin1.011 Aug 2023
MZM RandomizerbiosparkA randomizer for Metroid Zero Mission. There are many features for item randomization, with options ….Game SpecificGBAMetroid: Zero MissionWin1.5.010 Aug 2023
RPG Maker GB Message EditorOEAThis small utility allows one to edit existing messages in RPG Maker GB save files using an actual ….Game SpecificGBRPG Tsukuru GBWin1.1b08 Aug 2023
Entities EditorOEAThis nifty graphical utility allows one to edit the statistical values of units in the NDS video gam….Game SpecificNDSLEGO BattlesWin3.016 Jul 2023
RainbowZ Editor (DKC1)RainbowSprinklezThis is a multi-purpose editor for DKC1. There are too many features to go over here. Please read th….Game SpecificSNESDonkey Kong CountryWin0.47515 Jul 2023
Breath of Fire RandomiserPeladorA Randomiser for Breath of Fire 1 on the Snes. Want the most powerful weapon in the game early? Try ….Game SpecificSNESBreath of FireWin1.004 Jul 2023
Landstalker EditorLordmirtool for extracting, viewing, editing and re-inserting the various data found in the Landstalker ROM….Game SpecificGENLandstalker: The Treasures of King NoleWin0.203 Jul 2023
Serial LoopsHaroohie Translation ClubThe Haroohie Translation Club proudly presents Serial Loops, a full editing suite for Suzumiya Haruh….Game SpecificNDSSuzumiya Haruhi no ChokuretsuIndep0.225 Jun 2023
Breath of Fire ROM EditorTony HedstromROM editor for Breath of Fire lets you edit lots of stuff in the game and you can then patch those c….Game SpecificGBABreath of FireWin1.122 Jun 2023
DKC Entrance RandomizerRainbowSprinklezThis is an entrance randomizer for DKC! This expects a 1.0 U version of this game. Header and no hea….Game SpecificSNESDonkey Kong CountryWin1.02519 Jun 2023
FF8 Compression kitArmagon3650Python3 data decompression/recompression for FF8: PS1, NTSC-U SLUS-00892 It expects a single blo….Game SpecificPSXFinal Fantasy VIIIWin1.030 May 2023
DW2-TTacemon33DW2-TT (Digimon World 2 Tiny Tool) A Digimon World 2 Utility Tool that has multi-features such as….Game SpecificPSXDigimon World 2Win2.420 May 2023
Q-VertZoinkityQ-Vert: convert GoldenEye to run on both iQue and N64 consoles [i]Requires x64 Windows or ….Game SpecificN64GoldenEye 007Win1.114 May 2023
Faxanadu RandomizerNotlobFaxanadu randomizer Randomizes things like enemies and items for the NES game ‘Faxanadu'….Game SpecificNESFaxanaduWin0.2713 May 2023
The MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (Intel-based Macs)Summer Dragonfly[b]This release is intended for older Intel-based Macs! If your computer has Apple silicon in it, it….Game SpecificGBAMother 3Mac OS X1.3.201 May 2023
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