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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
Font Width ScannerColmines92A simple tool that COULD help to find the address of the value or function that defines the fixed fo….SearchingPSXN/AWin1.030 Jul 2023
BZK Relative SearchCyneprepou4ukA simple 8-bit relative searching script. Instructions:
  • Put your ROM inside the root folder (w….
SearchingMultipleN/AIndep1.018 Feb 2023
MasMin (Master Minder)GiganThis is a tool to find a set of sequences from binary data. You don’t have to worry about the ….SearchingMultipleN/AWin1.118 Feb 2022
Controller Button Cheat Search/Edit ToolTony HedstromThis program lets you search your ROM/ISO file for controller button cheats and will let you change ….SearchingMultipleN/AWin1.0a02 Feb 2022
ROM/ISO Table FinderTony HedstromROM/ISO Table Finder. This program will try to find tables inside of your ROM/ISO file. Examples o….SearchingMultipleN/AWin1.118 Oct 2021
Simple Pattern SearchDeep Dive TranslationsSimple Pattern Search - Deep Dive Translations A simple tool for pattern matching and relative se….SearchingPCN/AWinBeta v0.304 Aug 2016
RSEARCHCUERSEARCH is a tool to search strings or hexadecimal data in a file.SearchingMultipleN/AWin1.329 Jul 2013
MTE Search ToolCUETool to search MTE from a text file Usage: MTE filename rules codesize minsize maxsize total outp….SearchingN/AN/AWin1.222 Feb 2013
Monkey-MooreDarkl0rdA simple and fast relative-search tool based on the Boyer-Moore search algorithm. Supports Unicode a….SearchingN/AN/AWin0.529 Nov 2009
blfinduNsaneA simple Python script to find any and all branches with links to a given address in a given ROM and….SearchingGBAN/AIndep1.0.118 Oct 2009
OpenSearchmcpancakesOpenSearch is a command line relative searcher and table file generator. Features (excerpted from….SearchingN/AN/AIndep0.112 Apr 2009
PySRtkdrgPySR is a small Python portable script for making relative search. It is not as slow as it may look ….SearchingN/AN/AIndep0.126 Feb 2008
Free Space Finder [FSF]HackMewAre you scripting or replacing some images? As the name say, this one helps you to find some free (a….SearchingGBAN/AWin1.0.229 Sep 2007
WordCountRedCometScans a user defined number of files and returns the frequency of each word in the files. Very usefu….SearchingN/AN/AWin1.0130 Aug 2006
Nemesis SearcherNemesisThis tool is capable of scanning the contents of a ROM, locating and extracting all archives compres….SearchingGENN/ADOS1.024 Jan 2005
SearchR XChopA good windows based relative searcher which can search very large files.SearchingMultipleN/AWin1.025 Apr 2002
DTEseekCopernicDTEseek is an analysis tool for use in picking the best pairs of letters to use in DTE tables.SearchingMultipleN/AWin1.023 Feb 2001
MTE SearchHyllianAn extremely interesting utility for use in searching out Dictionary/DTE tables in ROMs.SearchingMultipleN/AWin31/01/0131 Jan 2001
BinarySearchHigh Level ChallengeThis program searches for bytes as hexadecimal values with support for unknown values / wildcards by….SearchingN/AN/AWin0.2227 Apr 2000
Relativeful SearchPhilip ReubenAnother relative search utility.SearchingMultipleN/AWin1.212 Apr 2000
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