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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
GBC Palette EditortoruzzGBC Palette Editor is a small tool designed to edit binary files (.pal) containing palettes in GBC f….PalettesGBN/AWin1.020 Mar 2023
PVP2ACTVincentNLPVP2ACT allows you to easily convert palettized PowerVR images (.PVR /.PVP) to .png / .ACT (A….PalettesDCN/AWin2.118 Mar 2023
SGB Settings EditorblizzzSGB Settings Editor is a settings editor for Super Game Boy 1 & 2. It allows you to freely chang….PalettesSNESSuper Game Boy 2Win1.419 Dec 2021
GCHT (Game Color Helper Tool)GameHackFanA 100% web tool to help you edit color of old console and arcade games. The features available ….PalettesMultipleMultiple GamesJava0.503 Nov 2021
FECIC ColorsChattyFecic Colors is a palette editor for International Superstar Soccer. It allows you to edit the color….PalettesSNESInternational Superstar Soccer DeluxeWin1.010 Jan 2021
NES PaletterYaveA simple tool that can edit NES palette files, including color emphasis part.PalettesNESN/AWin1.007 Jan 2021
SNES - Bitmap Exporter/ImporterRainbowSprinklezSNES - Bitmap Exporter/Importer is a C# program written by Mike (RainbowSprinklez). This was inspire….PalettesSNESN/AWin1.021 Feb 2020
FF6 Battle Background Palette HelperMadsiurIn one sentence, what this archive contain ease the Battle Background (BBG) palette editing by allo….PalettesSNESFinal Fantasy IIIWin1.0229 Jul 2017
Palette converterMr2The program converts the palette from 24bpp to 15bpp and vice versa.
  • 15bpp little endian palette….
PalettesPSXN/AWin1.206 May 2016
HivePalHivebrainHivePal is a Mega Drive palette editor written by Hivebrain in Delphi. It can edit both ROMs and sep….PalettesGENN/AWin0.226 Feb 2016
NES Palette Table CalculatorMagnus NilssonA simple tool to assist in finding hex values for NES palette attribute tables.PalettesNESN/AWin1.030 Oct 2014
Palettes of RagegsaurusThis hacking utility lets you edit palettes directly on a Mega Drive/Genesis ROM. No hacking knowled….PalettesGENN/AJava1.322 Jun 2012
ImpaledFinSThis is a palette editor, not an extractor/inserter. It will load palettes of types: 15-bit by 3 b….PalettesN/AN/AWin1.025 Aug 2011
Pokemon Red/Blue Palette EditorLinIt’s basically what the title says. Click on the color box to activate it, and double click it ….PalettesGBMultiple GamesWin1.024 Jun 2009
HUD Color EditorTurk and -DeToX-This editor allow you to change hud colors in Halo 2.PalettesXBOXHalo 2WinBeta 0.105 Feb 2008
Advance Palette Editor [APE]HackMewA program to edit palettes in GBA ROMs. Handle LZ77 compressed palettes. Allows you to both enter ma….PalettesGBAN/AWin1.3.329 Sep 2007
NES Palette EditorMegaManJunoOriginally by The_Fake_God and updated by MegaManJuno, the NES Palette Editor allows you to visually….PalettesNESN/AWin1.0.324 Feb 2007
PaletteEdGBASpikemanA useful tool for GBA hackers, allows palette editing quick conversion between the palettes that VBA….PalettesGBAN/AWin1.007 Jan 2007
NES PAL HackerYYHere is a program which allows you to scroll through a program to find and edit palettes in an NES R….PalettesNESN/AWin0.9501 Jan 2006
SmB3 Color EditorJaSpThis is an editor that changes Mario’s and Luigi’s palettes in SMB3.PalettesNESSuper Mario Bros. 3Win1.125 Jul 2005
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