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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
AFS FIX CheckSum MD 32XAFSBLOODAlternative program for checksum correction in Genesis / Megadrive / 32X ROMs. The program can be us….MiscellaneousGENN/AWin1.009 May 2021
Lunar Expand JSFCandChillThis is an open source JavaScript port of [url=]Lunar Expand….MiscellaneousSNESN/AIndep3752b9803 Apr 2021
Lunar Address JSFCandChillThis is an open source JavaScript port of [url=]Lunar Addres….MiscellaneousSNESMultiple GamesIndep4ab77ec03 Apr 2021
Pokemon Stadium 2 RandomizerRainbowSprinklezPokemon-Stadium-2-Randomizer A randomizer for gym leader castle, as well as all rental Pokemon. Com….MiscellaneousN64Pokémon Stadium 2Win0.03103 Mar 2021
FECIC AbilitiesChattyThis is an editor for International Superstar Soccer Deluxe. It can not only edit the player’s ….MiscellaneousSNESInternational Superstar Soccer DeluxeWin1.011 Jan 2021
Pokemon DS Map StudioTrifindoPokemon DS Map Studio is a tool for creating gen 4 and gen 5 Pokémon games’ maps, designed to ….MiscellaneousNDSPokémon: Platinum VersionWin2.231 Dec 2020
GCFTLagoLunaticGameCube File Tools (GCFT) is a GUI tool for editing the following common file formats used by GameC….MiscellaneousGCN/AWin1.7.028 Aug 2020
DKC Hack TemplateRainbowSprinklezThis is a hacking template you can apply to any DKC 1.0 U ROM. If you already have a hack, don’….MiscellaneousSNESDonkey Kong CountryWin1.012 Feb 2020
PSX/2 CNF CreatorLaete Meireles (Axion Drak)PSX/2 CNF Creator is a small tool for creating SYSTEM.CNF files compatible with PSOne (PS1) and PSTw….MiscellaneousPS2N/AWin1.4.008 Dec 2019
jPSXdecMichael SabinjPSXdec is a cross-platform PlayStation 1 media converter that produces higher quality output than a….MiscellaneousPSXN/AJava1.0008 Sep 2019
Zapper 2020PSXCRACKERRegion PAL / NTSC converter, for PSX games.MiscellaneousPSXN/AWin5.6406 Sep 2019
OmniconvertPyrielThis is the new & improved MAXConvert, so-named because it isn’t so much tied to MAXCrypt a….MiscellaneousPS2N/AWin1.1.123 Mar 2019
Byte managerMr2The program performs various operations with bytes. Supported operations:
  • Cut bytes.
  • Cut by….
MiscellaneousN/AN/AWin0.431 Oct 2018
PSX address calculatorMr2The program calculates the RAM address in the executable file(PSX-EXE/SLUS/SLES ), LBA data for Play….MiscellaneousPSXN/AWin0.627 Oct 2018
Sonic Battle Hack SuitePhaseThe Sonic Battle Hack Suite is the first tool created to modify various parts of Sonic Battle. Inclu….MiscellaneousGBASonic BattleWin1.4.219 Jul 2018
NES Space CheckerShiruA tool that shows empty space in a NES ROM as a simple visual graph. Also included is the source cod….MiscellaneousNESN/AWin1.226 Apr 2018
HeaderizerLeet SketcherAre you tired of having IPS patches that only work on headered ROMs, or only on non-headered ROMs? D….MiscellaneousN/AN/AWin1.506 Feb 2018
PSXCueGeneratorsleepyPSXCueGenerator + Source Coded by: Shawn M. Crawford [sleepy9090] January 13, 2018 ….MiscellaneousPSXN/AWin1.1.0.267113 Jan 2018
spacefinderJouni00Another small utility by me. This one finds empty space in a ROM. min-empty-space parameter is given….MiscellaneousN/AN/AIndep1.009 Jan 2018
iNES Header EditorrveachNES header editor by Quietust which supports the standard iNES format and NES 2.0 format. Source ….MiscellaneousNESN/AWin1.016 Oct 2017
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