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ChecksumInatorSaad AzimA command line based checksum calculator. Created mainly for home brew purposes, since Master System, GB, GBA, and SNES require correct checksum in order to boot games. It currently supports ROMs for SEGA Master System, SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive/32X….MiscellaneousMultipleN/AWin1.0.224 Aug 2022
Advanced NES ROM Utility - Split / Expand / Patch / Fix ChecksumDom aka DokeThis is an easy to use utility for performing some tasks on NES / FC ROMs! Following functions are included:
  • Read iNES, NES2.0 and Nintendo header information
  • Fix checksums in Nintendo header
  • Split into single ROM files for burning (Pla….
MiscellaneousNESN/AWin1.106 Sep 2022
Tile mixerGreekRomsTile mixer is a tool that joins and separates files, one byte from each one at a time. This is essential if you want to hack arcade games, as the data is usually shared in two files (this way the data was being read from two ROM chips together). If y….MiscellaneousARCN/AWin2.031 Oct 2022
UpdateTapChecksumsGreekRomsUpdateTapChecksums.exe is a tool that recalculates and automatically updates the checksum bytes of the data blocks in ZX TAP files. This is something not necessary to do when you rom hack most Spectrum games, as the program itself most of the times ….MiscellaneousN/AN/AWin1.006 Nov 2022
The Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code InjectortriclonThe Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code Injector by Triclon (New in v3.0! Added compatibility with Mario Tennis (USA) and Perfect Dark (USA). Can now add comments to code list without the injector crashing. Possibly better in-game performance.) Th….MiscellaneousN64N/AIndep3.028 Nov 2022
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