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Title DescendingAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate
Zelda Story EditorScucciA program to view and edit the palettes on the Legend of Zelda story text. When you’re done edi….MiscellaneousNESThe Legend of ZeldaWin1.203 Mar 2017
Zapper 2020PSXCRACKERRegion PAL / NTSC converter, for PSX games.MiscellaneousPSXN/AWin5.6406 Sep 2019
XA Audio Convertertaka2Description: This tool allows fast and easy conversion of XA files. It converts XA to WAV and WAV t….MiscellaneousPSXN/AWin1.001 Jul 2000
Word2HexFaridWhat do you use to convert a word or text to its Hex value? Well I always had hard time for doing t….MiscellaneousNESN/AWin1.210 May 2014
Vertex Skybox EditorRubbberRabbit2The vertex skybox editor is a tool which allows you to create your own spyro style skybox’s and….MiscellaneousPSXMultiple GamesWin1.014 Jul 2016
UpdateTapChecksumsGreekRomsUpdateTapChecksums.exe is a tool that recalculates and automatically updates the checksum bytes of t….MiscellaneousN/AN/AWin1.006 Nov 2022
UMD ReplaceCUEUMD-REPLACE is a tool to replace data files in a UMD PSP ISO Source code and executable files are….MiscellaneousPSPN/AWin2015-03-0303 Mar 2015
TUSHKilla BA tool for adding or removing copier headers from SNES roms. The archive contains a Windows execu….MiscellaneousSNESN/AWin1.1.112 Sep 2009
TSDC - The Sega Data CompressorMagusThe Sega Data Compressor is a compression/decompression tool written by Magus. It supports Kosinski,….MiscellaneousGENN/AWin2.229 Aug 2004
TOC ChangerPhOeNiXThis tool is useful if you want to edit file information (like size and LBA) stored in the TOC (Tabl….MiscellaneousPSXN/AWin1.202 Sep 2007
TinkepleonexTinke is a program to see, convert, and edit the files of NDS games, very similar to other utilities….MiscellaneousNDSN/AWin0.9.224 Mar 2016
Tile mixerGreekRomsTile mixer is a tool that joins and separates files, one byte from each one at a time. This is essen….MiscellaneousARCN/AWin2.031 Oct 2022
Thunder Force 3 Compression toolsoostyxCompressor and decompressor for Thunder Force 3. Can extract, decompress & recompress all art….MiscellaneousGENThunder Force IIIWin1.006 May 2011
The Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code InjectortriclonThe Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code Injector by Triclon v4.1 is a critical fix for v4.0. If you prev….MiscellaneousN64N/AIndep4.122 Oct 2023
TGCtoGCMPlootidA simple console tool for converting TGCs to ISOs. The source code is included.MiscellaneousGCN/AWin1.029 Nov 2004
TahaxanArcnorThis tool extracts files from NDS roms and has other editing and viewing features.MiscellaneousNDSN/AWinTihaxa29 Apr 2007
stripsnesKilla BA commandline tool for stripping the headers from SNES roms. It can also add headers. The archive….MiscellaneousSNESN/AIndep1.1.030 May 2009
STR Convertertaka2This tool allows fast and easy conversion of STR files. It converts STR to AVI and AVI to STR. It ca….MiscellaneousPSXN/AWin1.101 Jul 2000
spacefinderJouni00Another small utility by me. This one finds empty space in a ROM. min-empty-space parameter is given….MiscellaneousN/AN/AIndep1.009 Jan 2018
Sonic Battle Hack SuitePhaseThe Sonic Battle Hack Suite is the first tool created to modify various parts of Sonic Battle. Inclu….MiscellaneousGBASonic BattleWin1.4.219 Jul 2018
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