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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
Python source code of LZSS encoder/decoderDanijelkA Python source code for the compression and decompression of LZSS files. Since LZSS is used in d….Compression / DecompressionN/AN/AIndep1.003 Jul 2023
Getter Love LZSSVadimThis is a toolkit for compression/decompression of LZSS files of Getter Love!!! Panda Love Unit for ….Compression / DecompressionN64Getter Love!! Panda Love UnitWin1.029 Jun 2023
Mario Party ToolsPacoChanIt is a simple program that allow you to perform several actions to edit Mario Party data with the h….Compression / DecompressionN64Mario PartyIndep1.1.104 Jun 2023
SOR2 Compression UtilityLightraynCreated using Sharpnull’s Compression Python Script (Thank you Eskayelle for linking to it), Li….Compression / DecompressionGENStreets of Rage 2Win2.9626 Oct 2022
Dino archiverMr2The archiver is based on the LZSS algorithm. With using lzss, you can compress Dino Crisis files for….Compression / DecompressionPSXDino CrisisUnix0.217 Jun 2022
TAITO DeCompressDom aka DokeTAITO DeCompress is a tool for decompressing, compressing and reinserting data into some SNES/SFC TA….Compression / DecompressionSNESN/AWin1.012 Oct 2021
Megadrive MegapackLab 313Megadrive MEGAPACK source code. Original 68k compression algo by Jon Menzies. Information ….Compression / DecompressionGENN/AWin1.227 Jul 2021
RNC ProPackEDLab 313ReCompiled RNC ProPack binary (an old version was for MS-DOS and AmigaOS only). Compiled from dec….Compression / DecompressionMultipleMultiple GamesWin1.815 Apr 2021
bbd_lz_rleGrieverA tool for compressing and decompressing data in GameBoy Advance games: 1606 - B-Densetsu! B….Compression / DecompressionGBABattle B-DamanIndep0.914 Mar 2021
Konami SNES CompressorProtonThis utility can compress image data in many games from Konami for the Super Nintendo. The follo….Compression / DecompressionSNESN/AWinBeta26 Dec 2020
Mystical Ninja Decompressor PlusJersinA decompression tool for Mystical Ninja starring Goemon. I took JaytheHam’s decompression tool ….Compression / DecompressionN64Mystical Ninja Starring GoemonWin1.124 Nov 2020
sf_decrunchEverythingsf_crunch and sf_decrunch are compression and decompression utilities for the graphics data in Star….Compression / DecompressionSNESStar FoxIndep1.031 Jul 2020
Simple Toolspaul_metSimple Tools is a set of two simple utilities (a packer and an unpacker) for graphics. The co….Compression / DecompressionMultipleN/AWin1.411 Feb 2020
I.T.L Games CompressorLab 313Sega I.T.L. games compressor/decompressor. Usage:
  • Unpack: [file….
Compression / DecompressionGENMultiple GamesIndep1.025 May 2019
ECM DecompressorMr2ECM files decompressor. ECM - uses for CD image compression. Supported features:
  • Comma….
Compression / DecompressionPSXN/AWin0.418 May 2019
Dino archiverMr2The archiver is based on LZSS algorithm. With using lzss, compressed Dino Crisis files for PlaySt….Compression / DecompressionPSXDino CrisisWin0.229 Oct 2018
Zlib archiverMr2Zlib is a very common compression format used by many software developers. With this Zlib archiver, ….Compression / DecompressionMultipleMultiple GamesWin0.105 Sep 2018
LoD BPE TooltheflyingzamboniWindows command line utility for decompressing and compressing The Legend of Dragoon .OV_ files. Can….Compression / DecompressionPSXThe Legend of DragoonWin0.907 Jul 2018
The Battle of Olympus (de)compression suiteabwA pair of decompression/compression tools for working with the RLE and Huffman + RLE compression for….Compression / DecompressionNESThe Battle of OlympusIndep1.024 Mar 2018
Spike McFang de/compressorGeminiThis is a program for extracting or reinserting compressed graphics found in “The Twisted Tales….Compression / DecompressionSNESThe Twisted Tales of Spike McFangWin1.026 Jun 2017
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