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TitleReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDate DescendingLang
Xevious: Fardraut SagaWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.020 Mar 2020ES
King's Valley IIWaveAction > PlatformerMSXFully Playable1.013 Mar 2020ES
Boggy ’84WaveAction > PlatformerMSXFully Playable1.018 Feb 2020ES
Color BallWaveActionMSXFully Playable1.018 Feb 2020ES
Formation ZWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.018 Feb 2020ES
SenjyoWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.018 Feb 2020ES
ZaxxonWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.018 Feb 2020ES
ExerionWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.022 Jan 2020ES
Exerion II: ZorniWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.022 Jan 2020ES
Championship Lode RunnerWaveAction > PlatformerMSXFully Playable1.016 Dec 2019ES
Front LineWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.016 Dec 2019ES
The Legend of KageWaveAction > PlatformerMSXFully Playable1.016 Dec 2019ES
Kung-Fu TaikunWaveAction > PlatformerMSXFully Playable1.016 Dec 2019ES
Kung Fu MasterWaveAction > FightingMSXFully Playable1.016 Dec 2019ES
Warp & WarpWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.016 Dec 2019ES
Blockade RunnerWaveAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.012 Dec 2019ES
Candoo NinjaWaveAction > PlatformerMSXFully Playable1.012 Dec 2019ES
Elevator ActionWaveAction > PlatformerMSXFully Playable1.012 Dec 2019ES
Hyper Sports 3WaveSportsMSXFully Playable1.012 Dec 2019ES
Konami's BaseballWaveSportsMSXFully Playable1.012 Dec 2019ES
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