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TitleReleased ByGenrePlatform AscendingStatusVerDateLang
Knuckles' ChaotixWaveAction > Platformer32XFully Playable1.111 Jun 2018ES
After Burner CompleteWaveAction > Shooter32XFully Playable1.011 Jan 2019ES
Mortal Kombat IIWaveAction > Fighting32XFully Playable1.004 Oct 2020ES
Doctor HauzerMr.NobodyAction Adventure3DOFully Playable1.002 Jun 2019ES
Money Puzzle ExchangerHer-SakiPuzzleARCFully Playable1.017 Jan 2017ES
Fatal Fury: King of FightersHer-SakiAction > FightingARCFully Playable1.001 Mar 2017ES
The King of Fighters '98: The SlugfestHer-SakiAction > FightingARCFully Playable1.009 May 2017ES
Antarctic AdventureWaveRacingCOLEFully Playable1.030 Apr 2019ES
Boulder DashWavePuzzleCOLEFully Playable1.006 Jun 2019ES
ShenmueTraducciones del Tío VíctorAction AdventureDCFully Playable1.0.5b20 Jul 2015ES
Shenmue IITraducciones del Tío VíctorAction AdventureDCFully Playable1.0.220 Sep 2015ES
Resident Evil 2Traducciones del Tío VíctorAction AdventureDCFully Playable1.5D FINAL06 Nov 2016ES
Soldier of FortuneTraducciones del Tío VíctorAction > ShooterDCFully Playable1.002 Oct 2016ES
What's ShenmueTraducciones del Tío VíctorRole PlayingDCFully Playable1.0.220 Jul 2014ES
Alone In The Dark: The New NightmareTraducciones del Tío VíctorAction AdventureDCFully Playable1.018 Jun 2016ES
Dead or Alive 2Max1323Action > FightingDCFully Playable1.019 Dec 2018ES
Cannon SpikeMax1323Action > ShooterDCUnfinished1.029 Feb 2020ES
The Legend of Zelda 2: Link no BoukenjackicRole Playing > Action RPGFDSFully Playable0.925 Jan 2019ES
Jikai Shounen Met MagNoishePuzzleFDSFully Playable1.023 Aug 2020ES
Super Mario Bros.NoisheAction > PlatformerFDSFully Playable1.016 Dec 2020ES
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