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Title DescendingReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDateLang
Urban ChampionPi-ManAction > FightingNESFully Playable1.021 Oct 2018ID
Two Crude DudesPi-ManAction > Beat 'Em UpGENFully Playable1.013 Apr 2019ID
The Little MermaidPi-ManAction > ShooterNESFully Playable1.015 Dec 2018ID
The Legend of KagePi-ManAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.025 Oct 2018ID
The Karate KidPi-ManAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.016 Jun 2019ID
Super Mario WorldDesert-FoxAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.017 Nov 2009ID
Super Mario Bros.RAR TranslationsAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.005 Feb 2018ID
Super Mario Bros.Pi-ManAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.002 Oct 2018ID
Super Castlevania IVPi-ManAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.019 Feb 2019ID
Super ArabianPi-ManAction > PlatformerNESUnfinished1.006 Jan 2019ID
SuikodenPi-ManRole PlayingPSXFully Playable1.015 Sep 2019ID
Street Fighter IIPi-ManAction > FightingSNESFully Playable1.003 May 2019ID
Street Fighter 2010: The Final FightPi-ManAction > Beat 'Em UpNESFully Playable1.008 Nov 2018ID
Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid 2HikanojoAction > Beat 'Em UpPSPUnfinished0.206 Nov 2018ID
Shadow of the NinjaPi-ManAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.011 Jan 2019ID
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack TeamPi-ManAction > ShooterNESFully Playable1.019 Jan 2019ID
Rockin' KatsDwiki PrayogaAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.007 Jul 2013ID
P.O.W.: Prisoners of WarPi-ManAction > Beat 'Em UpNESFully Playable1.028 May 2019ID
Ninja GaidenPi-ManAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.026 Jul 2019ID
Ninja CrusadersPi-ManAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.017 Feb 2019ID
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