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TitleReleased ByGenre AscendingPlatformStatusVerDateLang
Darkwing DuckLittle MacActionNESFully Playable1.009 Feb 2000NL
Circus CharlieKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.023 May 2019NL
Pac-ManKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.027 May 2019NL
Alibaba and 40 ThievesKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.027 May 2019NL
Arkanoid: Revenge of DohKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.028 May 2019NL
ArkanoidKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.028 May 2019NL
Rally-XKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.002 Jun 2019NL
Bomber Man SpecialKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.007 Jun 2019NL
Bomber ManKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.007 Jun 2019NL
FroggerKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.006 Jun 2019NL
Super RunnerKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.006 Jun 2019NL
Top RollerKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.007 Jun 2019NL
Pac-ManiaKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.009 Jun 2019NL
Dig DugKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.008 Jun 2019NL
Ski CommandKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.014 Jun 2019NL
Break InKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.015 Jun 2019NL
Bonk's AdventureKanaActionTG16Fully Playable1.015 Jun 2019NL
Butamaru PantsKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.017 Jun 2019NL
Color BallKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.025 Aug 2019NL
Oh ShitKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.025 Aug 2019NL
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