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TitleReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDate DescendingLang
Mother 3PrismaticAngelRole PlayingGBAFully Playable1.016 Oct 2020NL
Hyper SportsKanaSportsSG1KFully Playable1.009 Sep 2019NL
Oh ShitKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.025 Aug 2019NL
Battle CrossKanaAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.025 Aug 2019NL
Color BallKanaActionMSXFully Playable1.025 Aug 2019NL
Battleship Clapton IIKanaAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.010 Aug 2019NL
BalanceKanaPuzzleMSXFully Playable1.010 Aug 2019NL
Boggy ’84KanaAction > PlatformerMSXFully Playable1.010 Aug 2019NL
Exerion II: ZorniKanaAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.007 Aug 2019NL
ExerionKanaAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.007 Aug 2019NL
ExerionKanaAction > ShooterSG1KFully Playable1.007 Aug 2019NL
Star ForceKanaAction > ShooterSG1KFully Playable1.006 Aug 2019NL
SenjyoKanaAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.005 Aug 2019NL
SenjyoKanaAction > ShooterARCFully Playable1.005 Aug 2019NL
DrolKanaAction > PlatformerSG1KFully Playable1.004 Aug 2019NL
GalagaKanaAction > ShooterNESFully Playable1.003 Aug 2019NL
Sega GalagaKanaAction > ShooterSG1KFully Playable1.002 Aug 2019NL
RegulusKanaAction > ShooterARCFully Playable1.030 Jul 2019NL
Dangerous SeedKanaAction > ShooterARCFully Playable1.029 Jul 2019NL
1942KanaAction > ShooterARCFully Playable1.026 Jul 2019NL
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