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TitleReleased By AscendingGenrePlatformStatusVerDateLang
Rockin' KatsCBTAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.018 Sep 1999PT
Yo! NoidCBTAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.023 Sep 1999PT
Battletoads in BattlemaniacsCBTAction > Beat 'Em UpSNESFully Playable1.021 Dec 1999PT
Brain LordCBTRole Playing > Action RPGSNESFully Playable1.029 Jan 2000PT
CybernatorCBTAction > ShooterSNESFully Playable1.009 Dec 1999PT
Final Fantasy VCBTRole PlayingSNESFully Playable1.327 Nov 1999PT
SD Hero Soukessen: Taose! Aku no GundanCorvoAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.016 Dec 2014PT
Disney's AladdinDarth VaderAction > PlatformerGGFully Playable1.002 Sep 1999PT
Disney's Goof TroopdenimActionSNESFully Playable1.003 Mar 2013PT
Rockman & FortedenimAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.026 Dec 2014PT
ZilliondevilfoxActionSMSFully Playable1.014 Aug 2008PT
Mega Man IIDiogo RibeiroAction > PlatformerGBFully Playable1.025 Apr 2019PT
Mega Man 7Diogo RibeiroAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.031 May 2019PT
DOOMDiogo RibeiroAction > Shooter32XFully Playable1.013 Jan 2020PT
Final Fantasy IIIDocrowRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.013 May 1998PT
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionE2P TraduçõesAction > FightingSNESFully Playable1.025 Aug 2001PT
Mother 3Earthbound BrasilRole PlayingGBAFully Playable1.004 Jun 2013PT
Final Fantasy IIIEmuroms TranslationsRole PlayingSNESFully Playable0.9020 Oct 2000PT
Saint Paradise: Saikyou no SenshitachiEvil Darkness TraduçõesRole PlayingGBFully Playable1.3a25 Dec 2008PT
Double Dragon IIEvil Darkness TraduçõesAction > Beat 'Em UpGBFully Playable1.016 Jun 2002PT
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