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TitleReleased By DescendingGenrePlatformStatusVerDateLang
ShadowgateZafarionAdventureNESFully Playable1.015 Feb 2015PT
Picross DSWolfwoodPuzzleNDSFully Playable1.006 Jun 2020PT
The ChessmasterWolfBoardgameGBFully Playable1.024 Oct 2004PT
The Bugs Bunny Crazy CastleWolfAction > PlatformerGBFully Playable1.017 Apr 2013PT
Metroid Prime: HuntersTrans-CenterAction > ShooterNDSFully Playable2.009 Dec 2008PT
Mega Man XtremeTradu-RomsAction > PlatformerGBFully Playable1.026 Jun 2001PT
Mega Man Xtreme 2Tradu-RomsAction > PlatformerGBFully Playable1.117 Feb 2002PT
Pokémon: Silver VersionTradu-RomsRole PlayingGBFully Playable1.415 Dec 2001PT
Spider-Man 2: The Sinister SixTradu-RomsAction > Beat 'Em UpGBFully Playable1.001 Mar 2002PT
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden WarpshipTradu-RomsAction AdventureNESFully Playable1.026 Oct 2000PT
WillowTradu-RomsRole Playing > Action RPGNESFully Playable1.014 Feb 2002PT
OutRunTi-B0neRacingGGFully Playable1.016 Aug 1999PT
Final Fantasy IIITeacherGusRole PlayingNESFully Playable1.1508 Jul 2020PT
Dragon WarriorTeacherGusRole PlayingNESFully Playable1.025 Jan 2021PT
Lunar: Sanposuru GakuenSslashRole PlayingGGFully Playable0.9528 Dec 2008PT
BioMetalSrchronotriggerAction > ShooterSNESFully Playable1.024 Aug 2014PT
Mega Man 7spyblackAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.016 Jan 2015PT
Mega ManspyblackAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.107 Jun 2011PT
Phantasy Star GaidenSonixRole PlayingGGFully Playable1.209 Jun 1999PT
Metroid II: Return of SamusSolid OneAction AdventureGBFully Playable1.008 Mar 2008PT
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