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    Updating personal information for the account
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    [1.6 update] -Shining Firefly's movements have changed. -Adjustment of Special Weapons Damage -Falcon Armor Charge Shot Damage has been changed from 10 to 8. -Fixed a bug where Spiral Pegasus' script didn't come out properly after the Space Colony crash. -Partial adjustment of enemy placement in zero stage 3
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TitleReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDate DescendingLang
Super Mario WorldbMatSantosAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable2.028 Dec 2022PT
Super Mario WorldBrutapode89Action > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.219 Sep 2022FR
Super Mario WorldSlayerIbnAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.206 Jul 2022ES
Super Mario WorldJp32Action > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.020 May 2021FI
Super Mario WorldJVFAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.024 Dec 2020CA
Super Mario WorldPiotrek1113Action > PlatformerSNESFully Playable3.014 Dec 2020PL
Super Mario WorldhitsumoAction > PlatformerSNESUnfinished0.227 Nov 2019TR
Super Mario WorldWaveAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.008 Oct 2019ES
Super Mario WorldNOKOHAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable2019081616 Aug 2019ZH
Super Mario WorldWelshTranslatorAction > PlatformerSNESUnfinished1.027 Jun 2019CY
Super Mario WorldDarkPika_404Action > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.016 Jun 2017FR
Super Mario WorldEmy40Action > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.030 Oct 2011IT
Super Mario WorldFred6758Action > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.014 Jan 2011KO
Super Mario WorldRipperon-XAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.023 Feb 2010RO
Super Mario WorldBabyPurpleYoshiAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable2.004 Jan 2010PT
Super Mario WorldDesert-FoxAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.017 Nov 2009ID
Super Mario WorldDJCondorAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.026 Mar 2009DE
Super Mario WorldJaklubAction > PlatformerSNESUnfinished1.021 Apr 2007PL
Super Mario WorldLogarithmika MagusAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.001 Aug 2006ES
Super Mario WorldOk Impala!Action > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.024 Aug 2003NL
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