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    Corrected my forum username
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    Fixed a misplaced pixel in the "New GFX" optional patch. Main patch remains the same.
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    I remade the Image1 screenshot and added 3 more.
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    minor text correction edits, just to make the review more tidy and consistent
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    Adding the final batch of credits in the Description, as I was told to do in the Discord server (for people who did tools that have nothing to do with the game, yet their existence was neccessary for the development of it).
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TitleReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDate DescendingLang
Germs Nerawareta MachiMr.NobodyAction AdventurePSXFully Playable1.010 Oct 2021ES
Paris-Dakar Rally Special!Mr.NobodyRacingNESFully Playable1.010 Oct 2021ES
JuggernautMr.NobodyAdventurePSXFully Playable1.009 Oct 2021ES
The Tairyou JigokuMr.NobodyAction AdventurePS2Fully Playable1.009 Oct 2021ES
BaroqueMr.NobodyRole PlayingPSXFully Playable1.009 Oct 2021ES
Kowai Shashin: Shinrei Shashin KitanMr.NobodyPuzzlePSXUnfinished1.008 Oct 2021ES
Manic Game GirlMr.NobodyAction AdventurePSXFully Playable1.008 Oct 2021ES
Thousand ArmsMr.NobodyRole PlayingPSXFully Playable1.007 Oct 2021ES
Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual StupidityMr.NobodyAdventurePSXFully Playable1.017 Sep 2021EN
Tail ConcertoMr.NobodyAction AdventurePSXFully Playable1.023 Jul 2021ES
...Iru!Mr.NobodyAdventurePSXFully Playable1.022 Jul 2021ES
King of CrusherMr.NobodyActionPSXFully Playable1.122 Dec 2020ES
LSD - Dream EmulatorMr.NobodyAdventurePSXFully Playable1.001 May 2020EN
Mizzurna FallsMr.NobodyAdventurePSXFully Playable1.125 Dec 2019ES
Doctor HauzerMr.NobodyAction Adventure3DOFully Playable1.002 Jun 2019ES
KuonMr.NobodyAction AdventurePS2Fully Playable1.005 Nov 2018ES
Diver's DreamMr.NobodyAction AdventurePSXUnfinished1.015 May 2018ES
Countdown VampiresMr.NobodyAction AdventurePSXFully Playable1.020 Apr 2018ES
OverbloodMr.NobodyAction AdventurePSXFully Playable1.108 Feb 2018ES
Overblood 2Mr.NobodyAction AdventurePSXFully Playable1.003 Jan 2018ES
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