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    Fixed a typo found in the description,the word "attribute" was typed as "attribite".
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    I'm Raviolo. I just wanted to update my avatar pic, since this is the one I'm using on other sites as well.
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    This patch is outdated coz it's been 2-3 days since I submitted it.
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TitleReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDate DescendingLang
Shin Megami Tensei if...A Friendly IrinRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.0104 Dec 2022EN
Last ArmageddonBlackPaladinRole PlayingNESFully Playable1.0129 Nov 2022EN
Shin Megami Tensei if...A Friendly IrinRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.0228 Nov 2022EN
THE Maid Fuku to KikanjuuHilltopAction > ShooterPS2Fully Playable1.025 Nov 2022EN
Shin Megami Tensei IIA Friendly IrinRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.0524 Nov 2022EN
Cyber KnightmteamRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.0023 Nov 2022EN
Goemon: Shin Sedai ShuumeiacediezAction > PlatformerPSXFully Playable1.020 Nov 2022EN
PoPoLoCrois MonogatariaishshaRole PlayingPSXFully Playable1.320 Nov 2022EN
Shin Megami Tensei IIA Friendly IrinRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.018 Nov 2022EN
Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation: TroyYuviAction > ShooterXB360Fully Playable1.016 Nov 2022EN
Chibi-Robo!Brand NewmanAdventureWIIFully Playable1.014 Nov 2022EN
TrojanBlackPaladinAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.0113 Nov 2022EN
Zoids Saga DS: Legend of ArcadiaTraceytraceRole PlayingNDSFully Playable1.0.307 Nov 2022EN
Final Fantasy IVMasaruRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.206 Nov 2022EN
Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow MoonBlackPaladinAction > PlatformerFDSFully Playable1.003 Nov 2022EN
RUN=DIM as Black SoulRollyStrategy > Turn BasedDCFully Playable1.027 Oct 2022EN
Mahou Kishi RayearthmteamRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.0220 Oct 2022EN
R?MJ The Mystery HospitalSnowyAriaAdventurePSXFully Playable1.013 Oct 2022EN
Donkey Kong Land IIIBlaziken257Action > PlatformerGBFully Playable1.313 Oct 2022EN
Puyo Puyo~nPrecise MuseumPuzzleDCFully Playable1.011 Oct 2022EN
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