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(1 to 20) of 1985 Results
TitleReleased ByGenrePlatformStatusVerDate DescendingLang
Buster BallLazermutt4SportsGGFully Playable1.029 Jan 2023EN
Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman ZeroSvamboAction > PlatformerSNESFully Playable1.029 Jan 2023EN
Front Mission 5: Scars of the WarswoshoStrategy > Turn BasedPS2Addendum1.026 Jan 2023EN
Zoids VS IIITraceytraceActionGCFully Playable1.0.024 Jan 2023EN
ChoroQ Wonderful!RobertmvsaRacingPSXFully Playable1.222 Jan 2023EN
Front MissionmteamStrategy > Turn BasedSNESAddendum1.0020 Jan 2023EN
Phantasy StarSMS Power!Role PlayingSMSFully Playable2.3.117 Jan 2023EN
Treasure ConflixKrokodylOtherSNESFully Playable1.013 Jan 2023EN
Private Eye DolSupperAdventureTGCDFully Playable1.012 Jan 2023EN
Dokapon 3-2-1: Arashi o Yobu YuujouKrokodylOtherSNESFully Playable1.412 Jan 2023EN
Shin Megami Tensei if...A Friendly IrinRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.0311 Jan 2023EN
Shin Megami Tensei IIA Friendly IrinRole PlayingSNESAddendum1.0610 Jan 2023EN
Shinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2nd -portable-MugiVisual NovelPSPFully Playable1.0207 Jan 2023EN
Mahou Kishi RayearthLIPEMCO! TranslationsRole PlayingGBFully Playable1.006 Jan 2023EN
Go Go Ackman 2Retroman_XActionSNESFully Playable1.005 Jan 2023EN
Circus CaperBlackPaladinAction > PlatformerNESFully Playable1.004 Jan 2023EN
Musashi no Ken: Tadaima Shugyou ChuuGreen JerryAction > FightingNESAddendum1.002 Jan 2023EN
Gai FlameNebulous TranslationsStrategy > Turn BasedTG16Fully Playable0.9829 Dec 2022EN
Keith Courage in Alpha ZonesStardust CrusadersAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.024 Dec 2022EN
Last ArmageddonBlackPaladinRole PlayingNESFully Playable1.02a23 Dec 2022EN
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