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Moero Yakyuuken

26 September 2002 - Reflection by Spinner 8


This all started, oddly enough, with InVerse.

He had been making great fun of my apparent 8-bit porn fetish for a while now, and when I got the urge to hack a rom one day I asked him what would be a good game. He said, naturally, to hack another porn game. I was like “k” and checked out a bunch of pirate FDS games. I needed one that was crazy enough to be at least SOMEWHAT worth playing through, and enough text to make a translation worthwhile. Turns out Moero Yakyuuken fit the bill perfectly!

Finding and dumping all the text was easy enough.. this only took a day or two in December of 1999. I asked Moose M. to translate, and he took no time in finishing it. I then asked Celes if she could translate the script as well, since you really kind of need a second opinion in this type of game. Turns out that decision was beyond wise, as we’ll come to later.

Now as anyone who’s played the original game can see, there’s only eight characters available on-screen at any given time, so the translation had to be either incredibly verbose (things like “YAY!” and “TAKE OFF” would be commonplace in that instance), so some major assembly recoding needed to be done. Jair had given me a quick ASM lesson a couple weeks earlier, but fixing this problem still eluded me. I disassembled the rom and poked around at it for a while, but this only served to extend my delusion that I knew what I was doing here. After deleting that huge text file, I then resorted to begging for help from every individual I knew with ASM experience. You know him, I asked him. I got responses ranging from polite declines to outright refusals. So, with nothing left to do short of figure out 6502 assembly from essentially square one, the fully translated script sat on my computer. Every few months I would bring it up to someone, only to have myself laughed at. Not like that’s an unusual occurrence, but my point stands.

Fast forward to June 2002, almost three YEARS after starting. I was sitting in an unnamed romhacking channel on IRC, and Klarth (jokingly) demanded that I hack Gran Historia’s menus. I responded that I would think about it if he translated Tokimeki Memorial, Moero Yakyuuken, and the two Majin Tensei games in exchange. Laxidman was in the channel at the time and asked me what Moero Yakyuuken was, and I proceeded to explain it to him. Oddly enough, he was not immediately repulsed. In fact, he was intrigued! And, he offered to hack the game for me. I sent him all the stuff, and a week later I was sent an inserter, and three times the available space on-screen. Hurray! Now all I have to do is format the script, insert it, and release!

Formatting was kind of a pain, due to the fact that in each translated script (Moose’s and Celes’s), the chances of any given line being wrong were about 75%. This made it absolutely essential to go through the game and see what text string popped up where, so we could know the context of the message, and correct it accordingly. Play through a couple times, and we’ll have all the text found, and be all set for a release!

Weeeeeeeeell, as I later found, there’s a lot of text in the script (about a third, I’d guess) that’s not found at all in the game. Which makes testing kind of difficult! After a couple months of extensive playtesting, we still couldn’t find it. I even sent the beta to Sardius (since we were talking about it, don’t ask me why though) to see if he knew what was up. Nothing. So, we figure it’s just unused stuff. Let’s just release the damned game already.

Aaaaaand.. release! Laxidman releases a patch for Moero Yakyuuken on his site. I tell him to change it to Mo Ero Yakyuen (which translates to Hot Erotic Strip), because that’s what Celes told me the title screen meant, and I’m a firm believer in the fact that the author of FDSSpray has a huge thumb up his ass. So he fixed it. I decided to once and for all settle the issue, so we asked Faraday what it really meant. And Faraday said, it was definitely Moero Yakyuuken (which translates to “Go! Baseball Fist” or “I hope my fist does well”.. yeah, some stupid Japanese pun no doubt). So, after ANOTHER fix by Laxidman, everything was happy, and fun was had by all.

God damn, this was long. Here’s a treat for those who’ve read this far: after you beat the game and get the “GAMEOVER” screen, put in up, down, left, right, down, left, up, right, A, up, down, right, left, down, left, up, right, and Start. You’ll get another screen that had to be hacked, which I did all by myself, thanks to translation help from AWJ. Thanks AWJ!