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09/21/2001 - Reflection by Zatos


Well, I originally found out about this game from Darknight13. He started the project and quickly had to stop because his translator abandoned him. I asked to see if I could continue the project, but I was denied. Respectable of course, its hard to share a project with someone especially if you don’t know what kind of product they churn out. Regardless, I went ahead and did the project on my own, not to undermine him, but to do it because I loved the game a lot, and I wasn’t sure if he would ever find a translator to finish the project for him. Anyways, I ventured on, found a translator - Alexander Beetle, and shortly received a complete script. Months later, I finally took the few hours to insert the script, revise, and cram everything in. It wasn’t satisfactory, given that I had to align everything perfectly, because of the super annoying hard coded pointers that seem common on the PC Engine/TG16 system. Regardless, I was able to at least fit everything in, have it make sense, so that you knew what was going on while you played the game. The real game in itself isn’t the story anyways, but the gameplay. Regardless, the finished product was released, giving gamers the opportunity to enjoy one of gaming’s weirdest and fun games. I still wish I could tidy up the finished product, but my lack of ’skillz’ prevents me from doing anything more than what I had previously accomplished. Either way, at least it is in English and for all to enjoy. The End